Vibrators & Women

January 20, 2008


Read this strange article on the history of mechanical vibrators. It says that vibrators were a byproduct to save the labour intensive work that male doctors had to go through when women were diagnosed with “Female hysteria”. This was back in the 17th century, where western society was much like the conservative Sri Lanka today.
Back then women were not supposed to feel the pleasure of orgasm. Sex was just a male thing, and women were just the tools of our lust. Just a place to spill the seed, so to speak. No wonder women were so degraded back then!

The article prolifically goes on to say that

“Women of that era were socialized to believe that “ladies” had no sex drive, and were merely passive receptacles for men’s unbridled lust, which they had to endure to hang on to their husbands and have children. Not surprisingly, these beliefs led to a great deal of sexual frustration on the part of women.

I can only attribute this kind of thinking to a some sort of mass-domination fetish that people had in the old days. Women are complicated little creatures by themselves. Why in the world do we have to make life more complicated for them?

Judging from the various posts on kottu, it’s apparent that our “ladies” have really no say in this. Their basic issue usually is whether their virginity is worth saving or not!

And as amusing as it is, some of young girls fighting for women’s rights believe that their struggle is not for equality but for the “proper place” in society. And according to them their proper place in society is as caring mothers. Not independent women who aren’t afraid to feel for themselves.

And for all you guardians of morality, being independent and being raunchy are two different things. You’re just scared of women being independent will leave you with no one to cook and clean around the house.

As Sam would say, our fully-Victorian Christian society will probably never come to the stand that women also do have desires. And thus, women will forever be the tools of our lust. And the victims of our insecurity.


4 Responses to “Vibrators & Women”

  1. Mr.LANKA Says:

    loved the article , but u make males sound like sum kind of monsters , in the last few para’s .
    But i do’nt think women have those problems in this day and age .. not saying its tottaly gone.. but to large extent its been solved

  2. sam Says:

    If you user the word “Our” for mean “male” at the end the post, I think it is quite wrong. But if you mean the word “our” for mean “female” it is closer the truth.

    For understand this female issue, we need to quite understand history, economy and biology. Human females are very competitive animals by nature. They have to keep a man for at least 10 years, since human babies born relatively underdeveloped, and she and the child needed to be taken care of. By nature, female body have adopted extraordinary for this task. Human society also arranged according to that.

    If you look at any society very closely, you will notice it is the female who maintain and value the “Culture” most. And females are always more conservative than males. In that process, they always try to accomplish two tasks. Reduce the female competitions and reduce number of children.

    Virginity. (older) Females are the guardian of this subject. The whole purpose of this is, keep younger females out of the race.

    Orgasm: if females start to enjoy this activity, they may engage in it more and it may end up in undesirable childbirths, especially before the greatest invention of all time – the pill. That is why those older women, advised the queen to closer her eyes and think about the England in her wedding night (which most of the woman still do).

    Sathi Pooja: When a female become a widower, she come back to “Singles” market. The easiest way to eliminate that competition is, by killing her.

    Burka: In societies where they practice polygamy, and female competition is higher, they totally cover up the complete female.

    You can see the entire terrible restrictions woman face every day, none are men benefited form. They are all results of female competition. But then again, in economically developed countries where food are plenty and welfare is better, woman lower those guards and behave more freely, and allow other woman to behave freely too, because they don’t have to depend on man for protection and food.

  3. […] actually wrote something on women’s freedom a little time back, and Sam gave an awesome comment which explained a lot. […]

  4. Baby Z Says:

    As an Canadian-American woman I have to say that I’m lucky I wasn’t born in a place like SL. I’m also lucky to have been born in 1981. I’m very independent and couldn’t stand the thought of being my husband’s slave 24/7. Not to mention being a baby machine.

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