Extracting these Bloody UIF files

January 22, 2008

Came across several .UIF files and .daa files recently while downloading stuff. Needless to say I’m not the biggest fan of both these file types. If I wasn’t living in a 3rd world country and getting payed a 4th world salary, I would’ve gone and bought the legitimate software before extracting these lousy images but oh well…

The UIF format asks for this MagicISO thingy which is pretty useless as it can’t mount the image on it’s own. They tell you download something called MagicDisk, and that son-of-bitchy program never fails to fuck up my machine.

So when I heard this Luigi Auriemma guy has created a nifty program to convert UIF and daa files to ISO, I was in a state of Euphoria that could only be replicated by a couple of red bulls and a threesome with Ellen Pompeo and Cathrena Zeta Jones.

Anyway, thanks a million Luigi. Thanks from this not-so-paradise-isle of Sri Lanka!


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