Russian Lessons: More naked women for Parliment

January 27, 2008

Original video was taken from here.

We could use a little sexyness in the parliament. With the exception of Anarkali, we haven’t really seen any pop divas around the rich and powerful. Everyone needs a reason to be righteous right?

Maybe the country could use a little bit of girl power…


2 Responses to “Russian Lessons: More naked women for Parliment”

  1. Dili Says:

    She’s no F.L.I.L.F., shes better 🙂 though me thinks Mrs Thompson and Mrs Kucinich in the States could give these ladies a run for their money. [Those stupid husbands of theirs HAD to dropout :\ always knew Americans had no sense, this proves it]

  2. Baby Z Says:

    LOL, she thinks porn is a form of art!!

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