Marriage: an outdated concept

February 27, 2008

The concept in which our whole society is built around is completely flawed.

I don’t see how a woman in her entire life time, only be capable of falling in love with one single man. And of course how can a man only be satisfied with a single woman?

Through out history, the rich and powerful always had vivacious love lives. Kings always seemed to prefer more than one bride. Cleopatra, Queen Anula and many other women with power preferred to have several lovers at their disposal. Wealthy Arabs who could support more than one female could do as he wished. (Unfortunately the women back then were not as independent as today, so the opposite was not a reality.)

But in this day and age, where people have the power, where women are treated as equals (at least by law), and where progressive ideals such as democracy and individualism reign (at least in developed countries), why are we still trapped by the religious notion of marriage?

Most people blame it on the children. But I see it mostly as a sign of premature death. Usually, people are brain-dead by the age of 30. People rarely want to learn anything new. Their prejudices of life which were created when they were 18 still haunt their mere existence. And their ability to conjure new feelings and thoughts are drastically reduced.

The people who do break away from the concept of marriage, usual do it for the sex. Swingers and the so-called ‘key-societies’, still adhere to the concept of a couple. It’s either done for the sake of ‘keeping the marriage’ or to ‘liven things up between the two’. Therefore, these things hold no real long-term value for the individual (or couple for that matter) and usually end up in disaster.

There’s an old saying that ‘if truly love her, you have to let her go’.  Why can’t we ‘let go’ every now and then?

With all the progressive thinkers in the world, why can’t people be healthy, independent self-loving individuals for once. It’s the only way that one can truly love someone else. Plus it’s a great way to mix up the gene pool, and accelerate evolution.


I don’t know the girl personally, but the guys at Colombo Medical Faculty tell me that she was one of the brightest, enthusiastic and determined girl that they’ve met.

Even though paralyzed from her chest down, Samitha is still head strong and manages to make her visitors smile in spite of her fate.

She might not ever stand up again. But the doctors are trying their very best to sit her down. Her spinal chord has not been structurally damaged but remains to be twisted anatomically in a state that is not very helpful. Thus she may have a chance of recovery (sitting up) if healed properly.

But then comes the problem. According to the specialists, if foreign treatment is to be done, it would take more than 10 million rupees. She doesn’t have that kind of money. Her father is dead. And her mother recovered recently from a critical cancer. She has a sister who is married and has two children.

There are people who should be responsible for this. Not just the rain. But this is not the time and place to talk about the lack of accountability in the country.

I’m asking politely from any of you who have read this far to consider helping her financially. Her batchmates have already opened a support account in her name. As mentioned in the Sunday Times, please contact Aravinda Kamaladasa on 0773017183.

No Country for Old Men

February 22, 2008



I murder croachroaches and spiders on a daily basis. Why?

Because they’re an “inconvience”. For both me and for the friends that come to my room. I consider them “expendable” because they’re stupid, can’t think for themselves and more importantly can’t kill me back.

But this recent movie got me questioning about humans who can’t think for themselves, and who are nothing more than an inconvienience.

 What if I had the power to kill Prabakaran? What if I had the power to kill Mahinda? What if I was intelligent and powerful enough to kill all the blood-sucking-patriotic-sun-of-a-bitches in this country and get away with it? 

I may not even think twice.

Watch the movie. It’s fucking brilliant!

Without prior notice, Mahinda has stripped the Director General of the Bribery and Corruption Commission of his duties. Read more here.

With his brothers running the bulk of the corruption, this might yet be one of his more intelligent moves.

Lankenews stated that even though Dr. Mervyn Silva resigned from being an MP, he was not appointed to the Constitutional Council. Well Dr. Silva, don’t fret. You might have just the right qualifications the president is seeking for the now vacant DG post..


Having sex with your best friend, a witch, a prostitute and a princess who was locked up in a tower far far away by a cannibalistic curse, is not neccessarily bad. If of course, you’re a impotent mutant born and bred to fight monsters and power-thirsty mages.

That’s one of the things me learned from Witcher. A game that has really taken me by surprise. Even though the plot is pretty predictable and the charactors filled with cliche, the protaganist of the story really grew on me after a while. Not to mention the half naked women and their juicy Tits.

Same medival timeline, with a mashed up dungeons and dragons influence, the game is pretty decent given the fact that it’s suitable only for adults. Actualy it’s the only game I’ve seen in a while that delivers the whole package  (ie., a nice looking interface, superb graphics, well executed story line and innovative gameplay). Crysis was too darn FarCryish, World in Conflict too demanding -even for my 7900GS, and Bioshock with all it’s gloroius philosophy was too darn Systemshockish.

But my unfathomable love towards Witcher really came as a result of the single hand control it gives to the gamer. So one hand on the mouse, the other hand on the ……um Pringles bowl, and I’m off…

P.S. No, seroiusly there’s not a lot of sex. Just a decent game with some references here and there. All in all, worth the buy. 


The fairy tale website of “Lanka Rising” has done it again. Compiling some words such as brain-drain and open economy into one sentence, they think they’ve succeeded in making a point: Come to Sri Lanka, if you’re completely insane and are naive enough to fall for our patriotic bullshit.

As a citizen living in Sri Lanka I can tell all you diaspora this. If you come to Sri Lanka you will have the following privelages:

  • Real-time experience in living in a suicide zone.

Even though stats will tell you that getting knocked down by a private bus is more probable that getting blown to bits by a suicide bomber, fear not, sooner or later the LTTE will go completely underground and Iraq will be safer than Colombo.

  • A very considerate salary

The Marine Pollution Prevention Authority is considering to hire a Marine Biologist (with a First class or Second upper in Biology) for the lump salary of 16,000Rs per month. Boys and girls, my advice to you is don’t complete your A’Ls, get a driving license, and be a driver. You will at least be rewarded for your effort.

  • Get fucked up by SLAS officers

The tragedy which is Sri Lanka lies mostly on the hands of administrative officers. Without knowing a single grain of science and/or economy, these people create muck in organizations. Their inferiority complex is higher than that of the Sinhala race, and probably justified as that of the Tamil race. Holding science graduates and postgraduates as bait, they dance around as if “I know the law putha!”

  • Get pissed on by politicians

Do I need to explain?

  • Get harassed by the Police

The blogsphere has been full of these stories.

  • Live life in slo-mo

In Sri Lanka “the customer is no-da-king”. So be prepared for long waits where ever you go. Not only in the public sector but also in the private sector.

Anyone for a workout…?

February 10, 2008

Now this is an innovative concept that really needs more publicity.

I’ve read science fiction stories where students in the future learn by orgasmic stimulation to the brain. Obviously a nanobot has to excite the student whenever he/she learns something new. Reading about that kind of stuff, reminds me how much it sucks to live in an era where people try to wage war over land issues and consider sex before marriage a mortal sin.

But anyhoo, this video made my day. I’ll definitely try this on the girl next door (she really needs to loosen up on the edges) , and maybe her mum could join in too?

Yes, an upcoming movie will have a lesbian scene. Period.

Look here for details. Can life get any better?

The hilarious radio conversation I overheard when driving this morning goes a little bit like this:

Woman: Even though we have gained independence from the British, we are still not free.

Radio guy: Can you give us an example?

Woman: Have you seen little girls doing gymnastics? They practice very hard and when the competition starts, the girls have to perform infront of all her friends and family. And they do this wearing very little clothing. What does this do to our culture? We have a great Sinhala Buddhist culture, and we throwing it away for gymnasitics.

(At this point I was cracking up.  And barely had control over the wheel.)

Radio guy: So you’re saying that girls should not be allowed the freedom of doing gymnasitics?

Woman: No.. uh yes. They should. But they should also know that wearing a skimpy outfit for a Sinhala-Buddhist lady is throwing away all that she has. Errr…. the woman is a wonderful creature I think. But all the wonder and beauty goes away when a woman lets go of her shame and fear.

Radio guy: But you can’t do gymnastics wearing a redda and hetta? [translation: traditional dress]

Woman: Yes. You can’t. But look at all the woman who have succeeded in their lives today. Have they done gymnastics? Have they worn skimpy outfits that bring shame on themselves? No. They have a good sense of shame and fear and they are all faithful to their husbands.

I actually wrote something on women’s freedom a little time back, and Sam gave an awesome comment which explained a lot. But I still had to write this down, I had so much fun listening to this.

Damn, radio in Sri Lanka is really entertaining!

Several online polls like this one, say that the best ever science fiction short story written was Nightfall by Issac Asimov. (Until it recently came down to second place so that the story called Ender’s game could come first.)

I listened to Nightfall on the escape pod and half way through I felt thoroughly cheated. It’s a good story alright. But not very mind bending. I was searching for some crazy alien technology scrambled with a hint of popular science. Maybe some string theory in between and a wild conspiracy theory to wipe all life by means of neutron bombs and well placed nano-bots who are controlled by a central AI who’s reached far beyond any singularity that the human mind can understand.

Instead all I got was some depressing debate with a psychologist, cultist, scientist and journalist trying to figure out whether the world is actually going to end in a couple of hours or whether it was just a fragment of their imaginations.

But after listening to the whole story, which was actually written in 1941, and thus can be excused from not having the above cheap fictitious elements I longed for, me and meself realized deeply that stories are built on more subtle things.

So my review of Nighfall can be summed up in these few words; it’s boring but brilliant.