Sinhala Buddhist Freedom (!?!)

February 2, 2008

The hilarious radio conversation I overheard when driving this morning goes a little bit like this:

Woman: Even though we have gained independence from the British, we are still not free.

Radio guy: Can you give us an example?

Woman: Have you seen little girls doing gymnastics? They practice very hard and when the competition starts, the girls have to perform infront of all her friends and family. And they do this wearing very little clothing. What does this do to our culture? We have a great Sinhala Buddhist culture, and we throwing it away for gymnasitics.

(At this point I was cracking up.  And barely had control over the wheel.)

Radio guy: So you’re saying that girls should not be allowed the freedom of doing gymnasitics?

Woman: No.. uh yes. They should. But they should also know that wearing a skimpy outfit for a Sinhala-Buddhist lady is throwing away all that she has. Errr…. the woman is a wonderful creature I think. But all the wonder and beauty goes away when a woman lets go of her shame and fear.

Radio guy: But you can’t do gymnastics wearing a redda and hetta? [translation: traditional dress]

Woman: Yes. You can’t. But look at all the woman who have succeeded in their lives today. Have they done gymnastics? Have they worn skimpy outfits that bring shame on themselves? No. They have a good sense of shame and fear and they are all faithful to their husbands.

I actually wrote something on women’s freedom a little time back, and Sam gave an awesome comment which explained a lot. But I still had to write this down, I had so much fun listening to this.

Damn, radio in Sri Lanka is really entertaining!


4 Responses to “Sinhala Buddhist Freedom (!?!)”

  1. shehal Says:

    people are entitled to their (crappy) opinions
    but i would love to see a girl do flips wearing a redda and hetta!

  2. the enlightened one Says:

    i wonder whether this woman has visited Sigiriya? According to our “Sinhala Buddhist culture” our women should be doing gymnastics topless, forget those skimpy outfits – it should be no outfit at all! and then we should paint them doing gymnastics topless one every structure we can find, call it a tourist attraction and become a world heritage site! then i’m sure she’ll be proud of it!

  3. mayooresan Says:

    I think compare to Tamil people, Sinhala people are far better.

    I used to live in those dirty fantasy land where girls shouldn’t wear those skinny dress and all, but now I laugh like nothing when someone try to preach my sisters 🙂

    Being a Tamil, I know tamils are worse than Sinhalese in this case, so conservative.

  4. Baby Z Says:

    So she’s essentially saying that girls shouldn’t take part in gymnastics. Way to go lady!

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