Witcher: one of the better adult games

February 19, 2008

Having sex with your best friend, a witch, a prostitute and a princess who was locked up in a tower far far away by a cannibalistic curse, is not neccessarily bad. If of course, you’re a impotent mutant born and bred to fight monsters and power-thirsty mages.

That’s one of the things me learned from Witcher. A game that has really taken me by surprise. Even though the plot is pretty predictable and the charactors filled with cliche, the protaganist of the story really grew on me after a while. Not to mention the half naked women and their juicy Tits.

Same medival timeline, with a mashed up dungeons and dragons influence, the game is pretty decent given the fact that it’s suitable only for adults. Actualy it’s the only game I’ve seen in a while that delivers the whole package  (ie., a nice looking interface, superb graphics, well executed story line and innovative gameplay). Crysis was too darn FarCryish, World in Conflict too demanding -even for my 7900GS, and Bioshock with all it’s gloroius philosophy was too darn Systemshockish.

But my unfathomable love towards Witcher really came as a result of the single hand control it gives to the gamer. So one hand on the mouse, the other hand on the ……um Pringles bowl, and I’m off…

P.S. No, seroiusly there’s not a lot of sex. Just a decent game with some references here and there. All in all, worth the buy. 


2 Responses to “Witcher: one of the better adult games”

  1. Dili Says:

    Ive got all those + Gears of War + Unreal Tournament 3 + Universe @ War and I want to get Sins of a Solar Empire + Assassins Creed is coming soon. :\ I still havent gotten around to playing this… time, time, time……

    Whats it like compared to Elder Scrolls: Oblivion? I love that its single handed, i didnt know that at all…

  2. Me Says:

    Oblivion was too dandy. This cuts the crap, and gets to the point. And of course the tits…

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