No Country for Old Men

February 22, 2008



I murder croachroaches and spiders on a daily basis. Why?

Because they’re an “inconvience”. For both me and for the friends that come to my room. I consider them “expendable” because they’re stupid, can’t think for themselves and more importantly can’t kill me back.

But this recent movie got me questioning about humans who can’t think for themselves, and who are nothing more than an inconvienience.

 What if I had the power to kill Prabakaran? What if I had the power to kill Mahinda? What if I was intelligent and powerful enough to kill all the blood-sucking-patriotic-sun-of-a-bitches in this country and get away with it? 

I may not even think twice.

Watch the movie. It’s fucking brilliant!


4 Responses to “No Country for Old Men”

  1. Theena Says:

    Great, great movie. Probably the most memorable villain since Dr Lecter.

  2. It’s an absolutely brilliant movie! Javier Bardem is fantastic and the whole concept of this movie actually gives me chills! Loved it!

  3. Dili Says:

    Magnificent movie. The theme really hits you when you look really deep into this and see what it means..

  4. Baby Z Says:

    I hate roaches and spiders too, they creep me out, but I let my husband do the killing.

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