When Bad things happen to Good people (Please help if possible)

February 24, 2008

I don’t know the girl personally, but the guys at Colombo Medical Faculty tell me that she was one of the brightest, enthusiastic and determined girl that they’ve met.

Even though paralyzed from her chest down, Samitha is still head strong and manages to make her visitors smile in spite of her fate.

She might not ever stand up again. But the doctors are trying their very best to sit her down. Her spinal chord has not been structurally damaged but remains to be twisted anatomically in a state that is not very helpful. Thus she may have a chance of recovery (sitting up) if healed properly.

But then comes the problem. According to the specialists, if foreign treatment is to be done, it would take more than 10 million rupees. She doesn’t have that kind of money. Her father is dead. And her mother recovered recently from a critical cancer. She has a sister who is married and has two children.

There are people who should be responsible for this. Not just the rain. But this is not the time and place to talk about the lack of accountability in the country.

I’m asking politely from any of you who have read this far to consider helping her financially. Her batchmates have already opened a support account in her name. As mentioned in the Sunday Times, please contact Aravinda Kamaladasa on 0773017183.


4 Responses to “When Bad things happen to Good people (Please help if possible)”

  1. Half Doctor Says:

    She may not know it,
    But yet another candle is lighted for her future.
    Thanks again.

  2. Dr V J Says:

    Hi Aravinda,
    I am thankful for what you are doing for this student.
    I have mailed some material regarding Spinal cord injury to Dr Preethi Soysa in the bio-chem dept for her to get.
    Could you please keep in touch with me (my e mail address as above) and send me her medical records including level of injuy- if she has any brain injury -etc-‘?
    Has neuropsychological testing being done yet?
    I am making a plan for her to get rehabilitated. She dose not have to lose faith and she will be able to graduate as a dotor. I am not sure how , it can be done in Sri Lanka , but if she comes to the US , she will definitely be able to graduate- I am a specialst in spinal cod injury and I know at least 3 paraplegics and one Tetraplegic MD.
    When you reply to my e mail -please identify yourself in the subject line – as I delete all mail I that I feel are “Junk”-o from people I do not know.
    Dr V.J

  3. metheblogger Says:

    Forwarded the message to Aravinda. He’ll contact you soon. Thanks.

  4. Dr V J Says:

    Specific questions:
    What is her Level of injury ( Spinal cord-neurological level)?
    What is the ASIA score: A/B/or C?
    ( complete injury or not?)
    Has she suffered any TBI ( taumatic brain injury)-If so how sever is it?
    Mild moderate or severe?
    Do not reply to these in this blog site , to protect patient confidentiality.

    Plese contact Dr P Soysa in the bio- chem dept -and she will know my contact information.
    Thanks so much.
    Dr VJ

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