Marriage: an outdated concept

February 27, 2008

The concept in which our whole society is built around is completely flawed.

I don’t see how a woman in her entire life time, only be capable of falling in love with one single man. And of course how can a man only be satisfied with a single woman?

Through out history, the rich and powerful always had vivacious love lives. Kings always seemed to prefer more than one bride. Cleopatra, Queen Anula and many other women with power preferred to have several lovers at their disposal. Wealthy Arabs who could support more than one female could do as he wished. (Unfortunately the women back then were not as independent as today, so the opposite was not a reality.)

But in this day and age, where people have the power, where women are treated as equals (at least by law), and where progressive ideals such as democracy and individualism reign (at least in developed countries), why are we still trapped by the religious notion of marriage?

Most people blame it on the children. But I see it mostly as a sign of premature death. Usually, people are brain-dead by the age of 30. People rarely want to learn anything new. Their prejudices of life which were created when they were 18 still haunt their mere existence. And their ability to conjure new feelings and thoughts are drastically reduced.

The people who do break away from the concept of marriage, usual do it for the sex. Swingers and the so-called ‘key-societies’, still adhere to the concept of a couple. It’s either done for the sake of ‘keeping the marriage’ or to ‘liven things up between the two’. Therefore, these things hold no real long-term value for the individual (or couple for that matter) and usually end up in disaster.

There’s an old saying that ‘if truly love her, you have to let her go’.  Why can’t we ‘let go’ every now and then?

With all the progressive thinkers in the world, why can’t people be healthy, independent self-loving individuals for once. It’s the only way that one can truly love someone else. Plus it’s a great way to mix up the gene pool, and accelerate evolution.


13 Responses to “Marriage: an outdated concept”

  1. So totally agree with you! I won’t say it’s a 100% per cent outdated concept since the concept itself was introduced as the civilization evolved to make the people more civilized. Throwing it completely away will probably bring down all of those key societies. But, I believe we are on our way.

    Great Post!

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  3. Dili Says:

    Unfortunately I doubt a mental leap of this magnitude will occur anytime before humans have evolved @ least two jumps beyond homo sapiens 😛

  4. marryMeNot Says:

    you are so right. we totally should live individually. if any of you readers think that you are happily married, you are out of your minds. you totally need to get out of your houses & date other people. thats the cool thing to do & path to happiness. amen.

  5. Me Says:

    Lol. Admire your sarcasm.

    This is not about happiness. Happiness eludes anyone who tries to pursue it. This about Freedom.

    “Dating” is perhaps one of the other utter ridiculous things that people do. But that’s fit for another post.

  6. Jack Point Says:

    Not really. Pair bonding is inherent in the species. The reason it is necessary is the extremely long time it takes to nurture human young – about 15-20 years as opposed to a couple of years for other mammals. Therefore the burden of child rearing imposes the necessity of a pair bond – one hunts or gathers while the other looks after the young.

    The reason the institution -which is biologically programmed into the species is failing is due to the radical change in society. Homo Sapiens has not evolved significantly in 40,000 year, whereas society in which man finds himself is vastly different.

    The animal within will thus yearn for the stability of the pair bond but the stresses of modern society work to undo the bond.

  7. marryMeNot Says:

    dudette, please stay solo.
    single life is good. been there done that. but trust me, married life is millions times better. of course, given that you married the right one and you are capable of bonding.
    pardon me for saying ‘dating i meant ‘humping.

  8. Harindaka Says:

    For anyone who gives a damn about what I think, IMHO its totally up to the individual….. Hence labeling, stereotyping, etc. marriage as good, bad or outdated for that matter reflects the experience he/she has had (or not) in his/her lifetime. In the end it all comes down to doing what you want in life to be happy, not what someone else tell u. So if u wanna get married do it, if u dont then dont. That way, In the end u’ll only have urself to blame.

    Back to coding………… 😦

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  10. DeeCee Says:

    Why would you think that? of course marraige takes a hell lot of a tolerance and mutual respect. Who wants to be bed-hopping with brief encouters, i bet it gets dull after sometime… Isn’t it nice to have someone to truly underand you when you’re old and forgetting where you kept the car keys? but i guess it’s each to his own. 🙂 To me, it’s about being an induvidual and sharing my life with another hand in hand.

  11. Me Says:

    That sounds nice in theory.

    Not so long ago, when I was young and naive, I used to believe that I would find the “one”. And that we would build, discover, create and grow together. Each of us having faith in each others potential and never taking the other for granted.

    Yet, now I realize that fairy tales are for children. Not for adults like me.

  12. Baby Z Says:

    There are some folks who just shouldn’t get married. There have been times when I’ve gone to a wedding and just knew that the marriage wouldn’t last beyond a few years.

    Although that’s not always the case. I married my husband because we were friends since we were kids and we loved each other. We’ve been married for a few years now and couldn’t be happier. We’re so alike that we rarely even get into fights, and when we do it never lasts more than 10 minutes.

    So I would say marriage depends more on the individuals in question. Folks who have a wandering eye and are prone to cheating shouldn’t get married. Not the case with me.

  13. serenity Says:

    nono….i am completely against what is written…i am for marriage…n believe it brings a lot of happiness…:)

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