Mahinda – da ladies man

March 6, 2008

Received the picture from an email. The background says but didn’t see this picture on their website.
Kinda felt sorry for him. Just for a sec.

6 Responses to “Mahinda – da ladies man”

  1. sam Says:

    Oh Hillary! What you don’t do for power.

  2. Yasaruwan Says:

    this is in
    see in the archives – march 3

  3. Dili Says:

    Oh frack.. 😀 ROTFL

    Doesnt seem too happy about the attention does he 😛

  4. True Sri Lankan Says:

    This is at a political rally. After having many political rallies and related activities they are totally fade-up. This is nothing to do with sex. You may have different political opinions, but no one should tarnish the image of the country by posting this kind of pictures to give a different image.

  5. Ponna mahinda Says:

    bastard is ready to fuck the bitch

  6. Dan Says:

    vesi needs Monkey mahinda’s ponna dick to suck
    vesika putha ammada ugada
    para nakiya
    mahinda bastard

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