Don’t fall for the free SIM with phone

March 31, 2008

Last year I bought a phone from Baasils. They offered me a free SIM card along with it.

Without any notice what-so-ever it got disconnected recently. When I talked to the operator they told me that the person who registered it had called and said to disconnect it.

Very much pissed, I called Baasils. The idiotic person who answered the phone told me that they couldn’t do anything unless, I get the name of the person who registered the SIM. Of course the operator doesn’t give it saying it’s an invasion of privacy. I call Baasills again and tell them. Eventually after several more calls, I figure it’ll be cheaper and much less stressful to buy an original SIM card from the operator registered to my name.

So dear reader, never ever fall for the free SIM with phone deal. It really sucks to be in this position.


4 Responses to “Don’t fall for the free SIM with phone”

  1. mayooresan Says:

    Now dialog directly offering phone with built in Sim!

  2. Gihan Says:

    How is the quality of the phone provided by baasils. And how is there after sales in case of an issue with the phone.

  3. Me Says:

    As you can see, they’re not very good at customer care. To get the job done, I had to go there and waste two days. Since I’m not living in the city limits of Colombo this was an utter waste of time, considering the fact that they could have easily done it over the phone.

    But as for the quality of the phone, it’s pretty much still intact.

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