….then watch Burn Notice.

Hilarious tv series with a hint of subtle cynicism in every possible conversation.


The Poltical Colomn and Defence Colomn of the Sunday Times couldn’t have been more clearer about the battles that raged last week.

It was all a show. One big happy media campaign for the Eastern Election that went terribly wrong. The deaths of all those brave soldiers, the fool-hardy offensive which didn’t include air or naval assistance and the patriotic announcements of an up-coming forward offensive…… I mean really? Who in their right minds (other than a politically fucked up bunch of patriotic assholes trying to win some cheap votes) would call up and publisize plans of a major attack before even thinking of an attack?

It must all seem lilke a bad dream to Keheliya mama who thinks we’re idiotic enough to believe that the LTTE “started it”.

Well I guess most of us will continue to be idiots in the future. So no matter.

Received this from an email.

Funny thing is I know several people who exactly fit the description. But they’re already married and have children studying abroad while they lead the nationalist movement in the south.

Me & New Amsterdam

April 24, 2008

he\'s acting sucks, but the story is too good to miss

What can I say? I’m a sucker for tv shows.

With Lost and Grey’s Anatomy failing to show up the last couple of weeks, I’ve been searching for something to keep me mind off of reality. Prison Break gets fckin fairy-tale like by the minute and all other TV shows are just pervasively teen romances, most of them acted out by adults.

I’m not saying that New Amsterdam isn’t romantic. It does revolve around a 400 year old guy trying to find his true love so he can die by her side. But at least it has some rich dialog.

I would probably recommend it to anyone, but then again that would be probably put you off.

Little did anyone know, that the Secretary of the Peradeniya Engineering Faculty Student Union had a blog on Kottu. He may not have had an ideal sense of humor when it came to politics, but he did have a blog and chose to communicate his views through dialog rather than brute force. And for a Sri Lankan student representative, that alone is quite a lot.

He is said to have been involved in several community based projects, and has had an excellent track record in studies. Calm, quiet and a stubborn introvert, he was.

I didn’t know you well enough my friend. But all I can say is that you will be missed.

Monroe’s Sex Tape

April 15, 2008

It went for $1.5 million.The lucky guy who bought it has vowed not to make it public.

“I’m not going to make a Paris Hilton out of her. I’m not going to sell it, out of respect.” was his exact words.

What’s hit me the most is not that Monroe performed oral sex on some lucky guy, but the simple yet powerful truth behind those words. “Making” a Paris Hilton rather than “exposing” a Paris Hilton is what really happens in society. People are the ones who make Paris Hiltons. People who are burning inside and depressed over their own impotence (lack of getting any variety).

For once I’m actually glad that a sex tape wasn’t made public. And needless to say, that’s truly a first.


(pic courtesy: http://www.bartcop.com/marilyn-monroe001.jpg)

Dancing with Death

April 12, 2008

Dancing with death is not so much of a new thing to us in the subcontinent, but most of us do it unconsciously, or rather with implicit consciousness.

When we can quite easily live a luxurious life in some far away developed country, we choose on the contrary to take our chances in the war-ridden, corrupted and utterly-useless country that we call home. How the power of human conscience suppresses the innate survival instinct is kind of hard to explain.

But anyhoo, the wonderful thing about being born in the Internet age, is that where-ever you live, you can listen to wonderful podcasts such as Podcastle.

I’m already a big fan of the sciencefiction podcast escapepod. And when they announced the birth of their new cousin fantasy podcast “Podcastle”, I was quite literally off my feet. Their first episode “Come Lady Death” was exceptionally good. Didn’t have any white unicorns, stars falling from the sky or great elven philosophers singing about a mystical past, but it was subtle and imaginative.

Yay for podcastle! It’s pods & poems like these that makes dancing with death all the more worthwhile.

Read the following (made-up?) story about a brother waking up to a “nightmare”.

Frankly, I was moved. Not so much from the pedo references as from the bitter mindframe of the so called “brother” who relates the story.

So what’s the big deal if your sister does porn? Or your mother happens to be a prostitute? What’s the fucking deal if your grandmother loves to have sex?

Aren’t we humans for god’s (and our own) sake? Isn’t the procreation of our species dependent upon the act of penis going inside a vagina? How can people be so narrow minded and disconnected from the joys of reproduction? It’s an evolutionary mystery.

It’s paradigms such as these that overrate sexual intercourse more than it should, and make life difficult for rape victims, call girls and women in general.

Inflation and Me

April 6, 2008

Longterm goals aside, I’m kind getting used to inflation. Since money won’t be half its worth in five years, I’ve made it a habit to spend lavishly. I bought two ridiculously expensive computers within the last four months, had dinner at No 18 twice and helped out two pretty damsels in dire need of an extra buck.

But even for a spoilt brat like me, the current rate of inflation is kind of scary. I don’t intend to live forever, but I do intend to have a future. That’s kind of why I blogged about Dr. Harsha De Silva’s hopeful solution to inflation some time back.

This week on the Sunday Times, Economist Anil Perera from Central Bank has written a reply. While it’s good to see that the Central Bank pays attention to other perspectives, it’s not so much heartening to see that the Central Bank spokesman doesn’t know how to disagree.

There’s also an piece on inflation today by Dr. Sirimal Abeyratne from the Colombo University, in which he states

“The government has been running an excessive budget deficit with increased spending during the past few years for various reasons, including the expansion of the size of the government. But I am quite sure that this has been so not because our policy makers firmly believe in Keynesian economic policy.”

I’m quite sure too Dr. Abeyratne. What I’m not quite sure is where this will end.

If the Great Depression led to World War II, where will the Great Sri Lankan depression end? Last time I checked, we were already in a war.