Me & New Amsterdam

April 24, 2008

he\'s acting sucks, but the story is too good to miss

What can I say? I’m a sucker for tv shows.

With Lost and Grey’s Anatomy failing to show up the last couple of weeks, I’ve been searching for something to keep me mind off of reality. Prison Break gets fckin fairy-tale like by the minute and all other TV shows are just pervasively teen romances, most of them acted out by adults.

I’m not saying that New Amsterdam isn’t romantic. It does revolve around a 400 year old guy trying to find his true love so he can die by her side. But at least it has some rich dialog.

I would probably recommend it to anyone, but then again that would be probably put you off.


2 Responses to “Me & New Amsterdam”

  1. lady divine Says:

    Interesting.. I never came across this…
    i’ve been watching season 1 & 2 of Ghost whisperer… finished them a few days back and don’t have anything else for the moment…
    this sounds like something worth a try..:)

  2. Dili Says:

    This sounds interesting now. I wasnt entirely sure I should invest my time in this before. The only current TV series I was watching these days was Battlestar Galactica.

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