The solution to Education in Sri Lanka

May 4, 2008

A/L classes should be privatized.

The money spent for teachers, laboratory equipment, and school infrastructure maintainance should be given for the students to go for a tuition class of their liking.

Enough said.


7 Responses to “The solution to Education in Sri Lanka”

  1. Malaka Says:

    What about kids in the provinces where there are no classes?

  2. I certainly do not have any idea on whether A/L’s should be privatized or not.But I would like to share some thoughts related…

    First the government should make its stand secure by keeping the countries educated and intellectual personals within the country. If you had noticed most of our “geniuses” are residing and serving in foreign nations..

    Then the government should establish more educational bodies to meet the demand.I’ve heard that the total intake per annum at all government universities,technical colleges,ect is not more than 18 000.

    If you take Nanyang University,Singapore the total intake per annum is 12 000. At Nottingham Uni,Malaysia its about 6 000 now.

    Anyway I couldn’t agree more with the previous comment.Yeah what would really happen to all those poor chaps in the villages.Our system in SL sucks!

    The government will provide them a meal but will never give the people an opportunity to earn their own meal for the rest of their lives….

  3. You can’t blame the people who leave our country! We all want to succeed in our life,don’t we?

  4. Me Says:

    Rural areas will benifit from this more than anyone else. Since their quality of education is pretty bad, they’ll be more than happy to jump in the bandwagon.

    Even today, many students in rural areas come to Colombo, Anuradhapura, Matara and other key cities that are “centers of tuition classes”

    That’s how the system works. And it will continue to work that way until the cost of building infrastructure in rural areas can be compensated with economic/ political benifits.

  5. Jerry Says:

    No way rural kids are going to be able to afford private tuition man. This just isn’t the US. And there’s only a snowball’s chance in hell for any right minded company to run a free schooling system.

    Brain drain happens because SL is just too damn small. The people might have the skills, but those skills are wasted here due to lack of companies willing to pay standard amounts to those people. And companies here can’t afford to pay the usual rates since they won’t be getting any return from it since they have a limited audience of max. 20 million people.

  6. Me Says:

    That’s why the government will have to pay for tuition.

  7. Deane Says:

    What you are saying here is similar to a School voucher system. Which can potentially be introduced not just for A-levels, but throughout the system from Grade 1. Under this system, most schools would be privatized and the governments gives every child (can be subject to a criteria) a voucher which can be redeemable at any school.

    This would let the market forces into the inefficient education business below the levels it currently operates (i.e. international schools) and help end this fallacy called Free Education.

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