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This is probably funnier than the last one. The guy wants a girl who doesn’t watch Sirasa TV, but he is also ready and willing to leave beloved motherland behind and fly off to another country. An awesome example of the cognitive dissonance seen in patriotic fucktards.


There will be Blood

June 22, 2008

This is one of the bloody films that I thoroughly enjoyed. Especially the ending.

Religion is probably the best place for a scoundrel to hide, after patriotism.  It’s made for men who cannot think for themselves and for women who have no sense of humor.

Would be overjoyed if a similar film was made and a sinhala-buddhist patriotic monk was killed in the end.

Death by Intelligence

June 17, 2008

Too much of it, to be precise.

Apparently it’s possible to be too intelligent. Specially if you’re a woman.

Last week’s one night stand was a Ph.D candidate from Canada, and she nearly cried her heart out complaining that Sri Lankan men don’t like girls with too much “qualifications”. I had to disagree, but she insisted that I’m not marriage-material. I dunno whether I should be relived or worried?!?

But anyhoo, she’s right. Most of me friends did in the end marry girls who would stay at home, cook & clean, and be decent housewives. I’ve even heard one of them saying that the worst thing that can happen to a man is marrying someone who’s more intelligent than you.

Maybe I’m not very good at this selection process, but I’ve always been intrigued by girls who can sustain a good conversation. Be it debating about the general theory of relativity or the dynamics of information entropy, I love women who are fascinated by science and the world around them.

It’s a really a rare catch to find an intelligent woman, and when I do, I seem to stick with them for a longer period of time. Until of course they get fed-up with me not keeping up.

So this is kind of an ode to intelligent women. Please consider that there are guys who love your company. Even though you don’t consider us “marriage-material”.

As a policy decision, I never watched Superstar or American Idol. Simply because like Rupavahini News and Sirasa Gon Depaya, it appeals only to the opposite end of the bell curve.

But yesterday, stumbling through the Sri Lankan youtube users, I discovered Surendra Perera. I listened to that song over a hundred times over the last 24 hours, and still I’m not tired to hear it again. Watched all  his other songs as well, which are simply unparallel.

He’s probably the best voice Sri Lanka has ever seen, falling above singers such as Amaradeva, Kasun Kalhara, Victor and Jothi. (with respect to voice, not innovation)

Just hope this guy can channel his potential to create his own style. Damn, I would kill to have a voice like that…

Random Things

June 9, 2008

1.) Rosh bit me. I’ll hate her forever

2.) I was insecure enough to waste four years of me life at uni. To top it all off it was in a desert called Moratuwa.

3.) I’m an INTP

4.) My favourite sex tape is Severina Vuckovic’s.

5.) My only sin is green tea (sencha)

6.) I have a pony tail

7.) I think, therefore I am single.

two buddies

It kind of feels like it. But it’s not.

Among the many things the film had to say, that was probably the lamest..But the film is pretty good. One of the most intelligent, anti-love and cynical films that I’ve seen in quite awhile.

I have no idea why its in the comedy genre though; it’s everything but funny. For some people it could be kind of disturbing even.

I liked it. That’s all that matters.

trains-in-ChinaHosted by Putfile.com

After watching this video I felt not so bad about eating chicken… This is human cruelty 101.

Going Ubuntu

June 1, 2008

After watching this video a couple of months back, I vowed that I would install Ubuntu in my Laptop this year.

Having a dual boot system, I now have the luxury of running my fav apps like 3ds, aftereffects, OneNote, and Matlab in Windows, while playing around in Linux when I feel bored. They say that Linux has a better power management system for laptops than Windows, so cutting down on my electricity bill was also part of the plan.

So far I only use Ubuntu to browse the web and download torrents, but I already feel like a philanthropic opensource geek with dreams of changing the world into one big smiley altruistic society. You see, the ubuntu community is so helpful and fast I feel like that I’ve been somehow exploited by windows in the past few years.

Plus, the sweet aroma of building a better society in a world filled with patriotic bozos who openly advocate war (killing people) and corruption (stealing money), is kind of refreshing.

P.S. Did you know that Ubuntu means “humanness” in Zulu?