Going Ubuntu

June 1, 2008

After watching this video a couple of months back, I vowed that I would install Ubuntu in my Laptop this year.

Having a dual boot system, I now have the luxury of running my fav apps like 3ds, aftereffects, OneNote, and Matlab in Windows, while playing around in Linux when I feel bored. They say that Linux has a better power management system for laptops than Windows, so cutting down on my electricity bill was also part of the plan.

So far I only use Ubuntu to browse the web and download torrents, but I already feel like a philanthropic opensource geek with dreams of changing the world into one big smiley altruistic society. You see, the ubuntu community is so helpful and fast I feel like that I’ve been somehow exploited by windows in the past few years.

Plus, the sweet aroma of building a better society in a world filled with patriotic bozos who openly advocate war (killing people) and corruption (stealing money), is kind of refreshing.

P.S. Did you know that Ubuntu means “humanness” in Zulu?


One Response to “Going Ubuntu”

  1. Baby Z Says:

    Did you know that Ubuntu means “humanness” in Zulu?

    No, but I do now.

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