[Love is not] Rocket Science

June 8, 2008

two buddies

It kind of feels like it. But it’s not.

Among the many things the film had to say, that was probably the lamest..But the film is pretty good. One of the most intelligent, anti-love and cynical films that I’ve seen in quite awhile.

I have no idea why its in the comedy genre though; it’s everything but funny. For some people it could be kind of disturbing even.

I liked it. That’s all that matters.


2 Responses to “[Love is not] Rocket Science”

  1. roshology Says:

    seems like a good movie. have to try it.
    U have been tagged and I am very sorry to do this.
    Check my blog for more information

  2. roshology Says:

    how come im cruel? i couldnt help it… 😀 every one else is tagged n i saw u untagged si i tagged u 😉

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