Random Things

June 9, 2008

1.) Rosh bit me. I’ll hate her forever

2.) I was insecure enough to waste four years of me life at uni. To top it all off it was in a desert called Moratuwa.

3.) I’m an INTP

4.) My favourite sex tape is Severina Vuckovic’s.

5.) My only sin is green tea (sencha)

6.) I have a pony tail

7.) I think, therefore I am single.


5 Responses to “Random Things”

  1. roshology Says:

    u think u r single.. good 1 😉

    lol im so sorry about what happened. But i couldn’t help it. btw i didnt do anything wrong to hate me so much 😛

  2. Nishadha Says:

    Hmm.. You haven’t tagged anyone.

  3. slotter Says:

    Nice 🙂 Why push yourself to have 10 when you already got 7, eh? 😉

  4. Me Says:

    10 things I hate about meself would be… um.. too poetic. Plus patriots hang me for bringing unnecessary western pop-culture to the blogspehre.

  5. Baby Z Says:

    Interesting. I’m an ISTJ.

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