Discovering Talent Unmatched

June 11, 2008

As a policy decision, I never watched Superstar or American Idol. Simply because like Rupavahini News and Sirasa Gon Depaya, it appeals only to the opposite end of the bell curve.

But yesterday, stumbling through the Sri Lankan youtube users, I discovered Surendra Perera. I listened to that song over a hundred times over the last 24 hours, and still I’m not tired to hear it again. Watched all  his other songs as well, which are simply unparallel.

He’s probably the best voice Sri Lanka has ever seen, falling above singers such as Amaradeva, Kasun Kalhara, Victor and Jothi. (with respect to voice, not innovation)

Just hope this guy can channel his potential to create his own style. Damn, I would kill to have a voice like that…


4 Responses to “Discovering Talent Unmatched”

  1. Nishadha Says:

    Now you know what you were missing when you decide not to watch SSS.

  2. Malaka Says:

    He sounds like a goat

  3. Dili Says:

    I’m no fan of SSS but from what know, Season 1 had a much better crop of singers. I especially like Darshana Pramod. Kid has major talent.

  4. lady divine Says:

    I’m not much of a fan of these… but I have watched Surendra perform and his talent is just awesome!! lets hope he rises well to the level he’s capable of reaching..:)

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