Death by Intelligence

June 17, 2008

Too much of it, to be precise.

Apparently it’s possible to be too intelligent. Specially if you’re a woman.

Last week’s one night stand was a Ph.D candidate from Canada, and she nearly cried her heart out complaining that Sri Lankan men don’t like girls with too much “qualifications”. I had to disagree, but she insisted that I’m not marriage-material. I dunno whether I should be relived or worried?!?

But anyhoo, she’s right. Most of me friends did in the end marry girls who would stay at home, cook & clean, and be decent housewives. I’ve even heard one of them saying that the worst thing that can happen to a man is marrying someone who’s more intelligent than you.

Maybe I’m not very good at this selection process, but I’ve always been intrigued by girls who can sustain a good conversation. Be it debating about the general theory of relativity or the dynamics of information entropy, I love women who are fascinated by science and the world around them.

It’s a really a rare catch to find an intelligent woman, and when I do, I seem to stick with them for a longer period of time. Until of course they get fed-up with me not keeping up.

So this is kind of an ode to intelligent women. Please consider that there are guys who love your company. Even though you don’t consider us “marriage-material”.


9 Responses to “Death by Intelligence”

  1. David Blacker Says:

    It’s a vicious circle really — guys who like smart chicks aren’t seen as marriage material by those chicks; and while I’m beginning to think they’re right about us, those same smart chicks prefer marriage-quality guys who don’t like smart chicks. Which makes me wonder if those smart chicks are really that smart.

  2. sheena Says:

    Apparently it’s an ‘effort’ for women to be intelligent.

    That’s scary and depressing.

  3. N Says:

    You had a marriage material debate witha one night stand?! Have to agree with Blacker…I’m starting to have those doubts as well…

  4. Me Says:

    in my defense, she started it.

  5. Jack Point Says:

    Interesting, interesting. SL men are easily intimidated which is the problem I think.

  6. Not wanting to blow my own trumpet (but no one else is going to do it for me…!), I’m a smart chick who likes to think she knows marraige material good guys who enjoy her company! 😛

  7. bwbhbf Says:

    If a chick is very smart there is no problem for the guy. She will handle everything smoothly. The problem is the ones who are medium smart and thing they are extreemely smart. They fuckup. So as a guy, I’d rather go for the house wife or a realy smart woman. Not the ones in the middle.

  8. Baby Z Says:

    If you’re looking for an intelligent woman who can hold her own in a conversation then you’re in the wrong country bro. There are plenty of these types in the western world. You would be hard pressed to find such a girl over there in SL.

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