There will be Blood

June 22, 2008

This is one of the bloody films that I thoroughly enjoyed. Especially the ending.

Religion is probably the best place for a scoundrel to hide, after patriotism.  It’s made for men who cannot think for themselves and for women who have no sense of humor.

Would be overjoyed if a similar film was made and a sinhala-buddhist patriotic monk was killed in the end.


6 Responses to “There will be Blood”

  1. Jack Point Says:

    Is it on at the cinema or did you watch it on video?

  2. lady divine Says:

    i watched this a few months back.. sure was good… the ending was what i liked..:)

  3. This is an amazing film! DDL totally deserved his Oscar! 🙂

  4. kasun Says:

    “It’s made for men who cannot think”

    Very true. Even people who can think a little bit are been brain washed since age 3 to the point that they believe in things that only a barbarian is supposed to believe

  5. Baby Z Says:

    I don’t like blood, but I agree with you on the religion part.

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