(Until recently I thought my friend (D) was a liberal. His homophobia only came into view when our discussion shifted from the Dark Knight to Heath Ledger. This is an excerpt of what followed after.)

Me: Man, I never realized that you hate gays/lesbians?

D: I don’t really hate them. Well, gays do put me off. But I love watching lesbians. Doesn’t everybody? (Laughs)

Me: So why don’t you like Heath?

D: Brokeback Mountain was a shame to humanity no. Homosexuality shouldn’t be given “approval” from society. Heath Ledger was one of the stupid actors who couldn’t see this, and his film gave society the wrong message. His acting is pretty good, I know. But his decision as a human being to promote homosexuality is idiotic.

Me: So you don’t want homosexuals to live openly?

D: Yeah. It’s unnatural behavior. And for the sake of our children it must be stopped. At least in public spaces. The behavior should be frowned upon and be considered as a sin. That’s what religion is for and every religion in this world says that homosexuality is bad.

Me: Buddhism doesn’t say it’s bad.

D: It’s violating the third shiksha padaya. And also the Buddha told us not to engage in lust. Homosexuality is a direct violation of that.

Me: But then heterosexuals like you and me, also give into lust no? Aren’t we doing the same thing?

D: Yes if you’re a sex addict then you’re just as bad. Sex is only okay when you want to have children. Even in Christianity they say go forth and multiply, not go forth and have sex.

Me: Don’t you have sex with your girl friend?

D: No. I can’t believe you even ask that question. We will do that in due time, when we get married.

Me: Ok. Hypothetically, let’s say you’re right. But homosexuality isn’t just about lust no?

D: It is. All they do is have sex. They’re complete sex maniacs. You don’t know the story putha. If you look closely at leading girls schools in Colombo, there are lesbians outside waiting to grab young school girls and force them to become lesbians.

Me: So you’re saying that one can turn into a lesbian?

D:Yes, of course. Are you even listening to what I’m saying? It’s worse in the gay community. Most of the sex tourists that come to Sri Lanka prey on little boys. Why? Because they can easily be turned into gays. If we legalize homosexuality, then this won’t stop. A lot of children will fall victim.

Me: Imagine if you’re a gay person. It would suck if the world doesn’t understand what you feel..

D:Well that’s too bad. Homosexuals are the minority. And their rights are conflicting with the majority’s rights. Society should always consider about the majority.

Me: So I guess you’re an Anti-Tamil person too?

D:No. I’m an Anti-LTTE person. I respect Tamils. But they should realize that Sinhaleese are the majority in this country. And they should know that we should have the power to rule.

Me: Man, we have to talk about this later. Of all the people, I never knew you could be this old school!

D:Old School? Dude, you should come down to the real world. There are a lot of bad things going on in this world that needs to be stopped.


Male Bashing

August 19, 2008

Yes, we’ve all heard the stories of how Sri Lanka is a pretty bad place for women. And how men treat women as sex objects, etc etc. Kokatath thaile is national security these days, so blame it on the army.

But for those who are completely ignorant of the local culture and have landed in this fucked up isle by mistake, let me utter a few words for your enlightenment.

Love, in this part of the subcontinent, starts with marriage. There is no grace period where two people size up each other and check for compatibility. The scenario in most cases is like this. Boy meets girl; Boy looks at girl; Boy says ‘I love you’. Girl is overjoyed. They live happily (?) ever after.

Men are biologically inclined to be visual creatures. Nice tits + nice ass + innocent smile = perfect wife. They only realize that women are also subtle creatures that cry, have feelings of their own and have to be nurtured very often that not, is when the woman starts to speak.

A woman talking aloud is kind of like a lunar eclipse on a feb 29th.

The scarcity of this emotional connection throughout society is my explanation why women are only seen for their sexual merits. Close kin of course realize that their daughters and sisters are pretty much alive and have weird thoughts of their own.

As for everyone else, it’s kind of like a suspended fantasy of necrophilia.

Colombo Uni Saga

August 9, 2008

The Art Faculty students are not the most intelligent of the crop, but getting raged over a forwarded email message that says some random marshal molested a female student infront of her boyfriend, is human.

What is not human about the incident is a whole faculty of students assaulting and hospitalizing one single marshal because of unproven facts.

A similar incident apparently happened in the Moratuwa University where a hundred or so Engineering students had assaulted a Design student due to some prior argument.

What I don’t understand is this mob mentality. How can a group of people go out and hit one single person? I sympathize with their testosterone levels and their lack opportunities to channel their anger into creative purposes. But why or why don’t they understand the grounds of a fair fight.

The authorities are also to blame. In both Universities, they’re punishing the whole faculty of students. Not the 100 or so people who were involved in the fight. IMO, this is a direct approval of mobs.

Unless authorities respect individuals as individuals, this fighting will never stop.

This is also applicable to the Sinhala and Tamil races with reference to the Ethnic Conflict.

The awesomeness of the Panda and the cliche kungfu movie plot, makes the film unbearably funny.

But the beauty of the film is how the panda is motivated to learn kungfu on his own terms.

It’s a must watch for all HR managers, teachers and management students who want to know the ins and outs of reward mechanics.

Everything from “love”-at-first-sight to female infidelity can be explained on an evolutionary reductionist theory. Yes, thanks to Charles Darwin I’ve been able to save myself from going to the bar every other day.

It makes sense. Every hormone in our body is pre-programming our brain to make otherwise irrational decisions. Our biology is committing our bodies to fulfill our evolutionary destiny.

The reason why adult men and women can’t exist as friends is because men almost always think about sex and women almost always think about security.

Blaming testosterone/vasopressin and estrogen/progesterone is easy. Controlling it however is another story. *Sigh*

I always knew Mahinda was a little on the flip side. But this? Seriously.

Either he’s secretly advocating print porn/prostitution, or else he’s aiming for an all time high frustration among Sri Lankan men, believing that potentially fucked up youth will increase the recruitment level of the army.