A Sad day for Sri Lankans…

August 2, 2008

I always knew Mahinda was a little on the flip side. But this? Seriously.

Either he’s secretly advocating print porn/prostitution, or else he’s aiming for an all time high frustration among Sri Lankan men, believing that potentially fucked up youth will increase the recruitment level of the army.


6 Responses to “A Sad day for Sri Lankans…”

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  2. Nishadha Says:

    A sad day indeed 😦

  3. pissu perera Says:

    how practical is this whole thing? is it actually possible to block each and every porn site floating around on the web?

  4. Me Says:

    ST says that ISPs have to offer restricted access and non-restricted access, and if parents or guardians allow kids to surf porn sites, they will be punished.

    Searching individual computers, and taking action against ‘culprits’ is not going to be easy.

    So I guess me, Dinidu, Nishada and all other healthy Sri Lankan men can breath a sigh of relief.

  5. Maveen Says:

    Hello people,

    I dont think this unresrtricted thing will be implemented because it virtually legalise porn in Sri Lanka.But dont worry since if there is a will there will be a way. Proxy servers can act as third party surfers and they can do the dirty work for U. Study on this subject.

  6. Adam Says:

    this whole thing about porn filtration is not feasible. blocking is implemented in the following order – 1) by name (eg, sex, xxx), 2) by ‘whole’ website name. taking the first two examples, it can be implemented, but catch is, for instance say the word ’sex’ is banned in a word match, if you get a email (yahoo,hotmail,gmail for instance) the page wont load or will with errors as it filters that word, suppose your married, your wife sends you a mail with the word ’sex’ as in ‘I want to buy that sexy dress’, guess what, it gets blocked. 2nd option can also be implemented same way, but we all know these days there are numerous porn sites, its technically impossible to add all those links into a filter file and filter that as number of sites increase by each day. also, larger the filter file in the case of option 1 & 2, slower the web becomes as it has to filter every single word as it passes through the ISP to your pc. thus requiring more and more computing power to implement such a task and we are talking of a massive task here. those of you who do use unix can test it out on your own to come to your own conclusions. the net was designed for one purpose, to share information, it was never designed for tasks such as filtration, which undermines the whole idea of the internet. as far as Limewire, Torrents go, they operate on ports which you open up manually from home, and we have the option of changing those ports at will. if ISPs are to block those, they have to block all ports and leave open just port 80, which is www port. which they cant do as some software like skype automatically selects random ports on each use. if ports are to be blocked, then, software like yahoo,msn,irc too can go offline. but then again, if this stupid gov can implement such a absurd law, then port filtering too is not far too off in the coming future. to give you a idea of the massive scale filtration process for all ISPs in srilanka to do this, one would need one BIG supercomputer, or a few atleast for this to work. and we dont have those here. by getting people to pay for accessing porn is yes, a way the gov is making money off porn, think about it, sex sells in one form or other. but interesting requests lately arnt they. first, to carry a mobile phone certificate with you and present at all check points is a direct violation of your privacy, now comes this. not sure if this is the blog where someone mentioned ‘do ISPs read your emails as well’, hell yeah. but not in person but every data packet goes through their backbone so all u need is someone adapt at reading it and these days u get software for that – Cain & Able, freely downloadable one, can filter anything, or the older but crude is Ethereal, ofcourse Network Admins, dont need any of this, they can read it as it goes through the LAN if you know your TCP/IP inside out. this is why unix is so popular, hard to learn but very very good at decoding anything.your unreadable/unformatable pendrives can be fixed with 3 commands in unix. unix is all about log files, even emails are stored in files, even after you download it to your pc, the transfer is recorded somewhere in the ISP.basic idea is, to every problem there are more than two solutions, and who create problems, we do – humans, and we make mistakes, that is why problems have more than 2 solutions.

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