Colombo Uni Saga

August 9, 2008

The Art Faculty students are not the most intelligent of the crop, but getting raged over a forwarded email message that says some random marshal molested a female student infront of her boyfriend, is human.

What is not human about the incident is a whole faculty of students assaulting and hospitalizing one single marshal because of unproven facts.

A similar incident apparently happened in the Moratuwa University where a hundred or so Engineering students had assaulted a Design student due to some prior argument.

What I don’t understand is this mob mentality. How can a group of people go out and hit one single person? I sympathize with their testosterone levels and their lack opportunities to channel their anger into creative purposes. But why or why don’t they understand the grounds of a fair fight.

The authorities are also to blame. In both Universities, they’re punishing the whole faculty of students. Not the 100 or so people who were involved in the fight. IMO, this is a direct approval of mobs.

Unless authorities respect individuals as individuals, this fighting will never stop.

This is also applicable to the Sinhala and Tamil races with reference to the Ethnic Conflict.


9 Responses to “Colombo Uni Saga”

  1. actually dont know about the root of the incident..but what you say is quite true…but on the other hand you cant actually expect those people to give the bugger a smooch,if such a thing happened…

  2. a smooch??????????. No offense but these burgers should be punished like hell n expelled! And I’m afraid that’s never going to happen back there in SL.What a mess…

  3. oops. its bugger’s k. lol

  4. Bawa Says:

    For starters i dnt think theres any kind of mob mentality involved at all, maybe the email evidence ws genuine maybe it ws not.. wahtever the case i was convincing enough… it is understandable that dse students assaulted the marshals as they thought that they had been directly responsible for sexually assaulting her…

    personally had i been there i would have done the same for any of my female batchmates… innocent until proven guilty yes… but in this case the uni students were already convinced viz. the email that the marshals were guilty so i guess in some kind of twisted way logical..

  5. Me Says:

    Thank god you were not there create more damage.

    Sri Lanka has suffered enough from patriotism, religionism, and mob mentality.

    It’s time for change. And it’s evident that the agents of change are not local university students. At least not when they’re acting as a group.

  6. Bawa Says:

    have to disagree with u there “me” then what exactly are these agents of change that u speak of?

  7. Me Says:


  8. DeeCee Says:

    I saw the mail. It looks real enough. Dunno. But isnt it wierd that the dean vehemently denies any allegations and no investigations are taking place? Shouldnt it take place, at least in favour of “Innocent until proven guilty”?

    Anyhoo, i think this mob mentality is pretty sad. I’m actually quite happy i didn’t go to uni. cannot fathom coexisting with the hypocritical likes of these. They manage to close down unis and do degrees for eons and once out, yell until blue for jobs! WTF?

    Get a job yon nerdlies…even if it’s crap. learn to be a little professional and diplomatic for christ’s sake. geez.

  9. Baby Z Says:

    T’zahn! That’s a shame.

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