Male Bashing

August 19, 2008

Yes, we’ve all heard the stories of how Sri Lanka is a pretty bad place for women. And how men treat women as sex objects, etc etc. Kokatath thaile is national security these days, so blame it on the army.

But for those who are completely ignorant of the local culture and have landed in this fucked up isle by mistake, let me utter a few words for your enlightenment.

Love, in this part of the subcontinent, starts with marriage. There is no grace period where two people size up each other and check for compatibility. The scenario in most cases is like this. Boy meets girl; Boy looks at girl; Boy says ‘I love you’. Girl is overjoyed. They live happily (?) ever after.

Men are biologically inclined to be visual creatures. Nice tits + nice ass + innocent smile = perfect wife. They only realize that women are also subtle creatures that cry, have feelings of their own and have to be nurtured very often that not, is when the woman starts to speak.

A woman talking aloud is kind of like a lunar eclipse on a feb 29th.

The scarcity of this emotional connection throughout society is my explanation why women are only seen for their sexual merits. Close kin of course realize that their daughters and sisters are pretty much alive and have weird thoughts of their own.

As for everyone else, it’s kind of like a suspended fantasy of necrophilia.


4 Responses to “Male Bashing”

  1. Nishadha Says:

    You got the perfect wife part right 🙂

  2. Bawa Says:

    seriously man u seem make sl seem ultra conservative, conservative yes, but not ultra conservative i mean we dnt honour killings/rapes etc. like in Pak or INdia so we are a little bit more liberal…

    Dnt bunch all us curries together.. its time we appreacited that although we aer very close to the Indian sub continen we are very differnt…

    Evn if u luk at history.. take Dutugemenu sons Saliya running off with some girl.. thats got a have at least little bit of love in it r8?

    And take the couple of queens who ruled sl.. not a lot yes.. bu we had a few.. INdia didnt have one and even the Brits only had a handful like Mary, Vicotira and Elizabeth…

  3. hmm..interesting discussion..wonder hw it ll end up..:D

  4. Baby Z Says:

    Yeah, I pretty much knew that.

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