Conversation with a Sri Lankan Homophobic Patriot

August 23, 2008

(Until recently I thought my friend (D) was a liberal. His homophobia only came into view when our discussion shifted from the Dark Knight to Heath Ledger. This is an excerpt of what followed after.)

Me: Man, I never realized that you hate gays/lesbians?

D: I don’t really hate them. Well, gays do put me off. But I love watching lesbians. Doesn’t everybody? (Laughs)

Me: So why don’t you like Heath?

D: Brokeback Mountain was a shame to humanity no. Homosexuality shouldn’t be given “approval” from society. Heath Ledger was one of the stupid actors who couldn’t see this, and his film gave society the wrong message. His acting is pretty good, I know. But his decision as a human being to promote homosexuality is idiotic.

Me: So you don’t want homosexuals to live openly?

D: Yeah. It’s unnatural behavior. And for the sake of our children it must be stopped. At least in public spaces. The behavior should be frowned upon and be considered as a sin. That’s what religion is for and every religion in this world says that homosexuality is bad.

Me: Buddhism doesn’t say it’s bad.

D: It’s violating the third shiksha padaya. And also the Buddha told us not to engage in lust. Homosexuality is a direct violation of that.

Me: But then heterosexuals like you and me, also give into lust no? Aren’t we doing the same thing?

D: Yes if you’re a sex addict then you’re just as bad. Sex is only okay when you want to have children. Even in Christianity they say go forth and multiply, not go forth and have sex.

Me: Don’t you have sex with your girl friend?

D: No. I can’t believe you even ask that question. We will do that in due time, when we get married.

Me: Ok. Hypothetically, let’s say you’re right. But homosexuality isn’t just about lust no?

D: It is. All they do is have sex. They’re complete sex maniacs. You don’t know the story putha. If you look closely at leading girls schools in Colombo, there are lesbians outside waiting to grab young school girls and force them to become lesbians.

Me: So you’re saying that one can turn into a lesbian?

D:Yes, of course. Are you even listening to what I’m saying? It’s worse in the gay community. Most of the sex tourists that come to Sri Lanka prey on little boys. Why? Because they can easily be turned into gays. If we legalize homosexuality, then this won’t stop. A lot of children will fall victim.

Me: Imagine if you’re a gay person. It would suck if the world doesn’t understand what you feel..

D:Well that’s too bad. Homosexuals are the minority. And their rights are conflicting with the majority’s rights. Society should always consider about the majority.

Me: So I guess you’re an Anti-Tamil person too?

D:No. I’m an Anti-LTTE person. I respect Tamils. But they should realize that Sinhaleese are the majority in this country. And they should know that we should have the power to rule.

Me: Man, we have to talk about this later. Of all the people, I never knew you could be this old school!

D:Old School? Dude, you should come down to the real world. There are a lot of bad things going on in this world that needs to be stopped.


12 Responses to “Conversation with a Sri Lankan Homophobic Patriot”

  1. thedevilsadvocatesl Says:

    I agree partly with your friend. If homosexuals are given the liberty, then what about polygamy, and bestiality? but then again, are homosexuals doomed to a life without any real relationships?
    If only homosexuality was a form of disease, that can be cured. But from what i’ve read and heard, its not so. Homosexuality is misunderstood very much.

  2. Sam Says:

    If homosexuals are given the liberty, then what about polygamy, and bestiality?

    What exactly homosexuality have to do with polygamy and bestiality? Is it like, guy get up and say.. alright.. I tried D*ck, so let me also try a goat?

    Are the same people who said homosexuals to be killed, also encourage polygamy? Anyway, isn’t polygamy legal in Sri Lanka (and most of the world) for certain group of people?

  3. DeeCee Says:

    “D” is such a feck! You know, thats what’s so wrong about ppl in this country. We are drilled this perfect utopian ideas about marraige then ‘something unspeakable’ and then children. then staying together even if there’s adultry for the ‘sake of the children’ or ‘how to leave? shame! relatives will talk no?”…GAG!

    And this stupid majority chauvenistic thinking! WTF!? Homos have every right to express love which ever way they please. And who says being homo makes you a nympho! wtf! And what double standards (HOW sri lankan!!) gays turn him off, but lesbians are hot. wtf? Give me a gun, so i may shoot your friend..

    Unfortunately lots of people think this way, sad realy. frustrating actually!

  4. chaarmax Says:

    And to think I used to be like D at one point (not that bad.. just love to see Lesbians but..) I’d like to think I’m more open to the fact now.

    It’s the mindset, like Dee says. The way we’re brought up and what values our parents have instilled in us. I like to think the next generation atleast will be more open to it.

  5. javajones Says:

    Most extremists express themselves so due to some deep-seated fear – very often about themselves. Check out my views on this if you will.

  6. Nishadha Says:

    as chaarmax have mentioned it is more to do with the way we are brought up as children , if the parents have thought the child to be a bit open minded I think problems like this wouldn’t occur. hopefully next generation will be open minded ( since I don’t mind watching lesbians I think I belong to that generation 🙂 )

  7. Soixante Neuf Says:

    Wow. This was shocking, primitive and ugly. Homosexuals are not a “them”, they are a part of “us”. Their rights are ours. There is nothing perverted about love between two men or two women. Anyone can disagree – that’s is their choice – but to condemn with such finality is appalling.

    I cannot quote any one statement because every one is as bad, if not worse, than the last. It’s almost frightening to me that people like that exist. My own bisexuality has nothing to do with it. I would have been as upset by this post a couple of years ago (before I realized I was bisexual) as I am now.

    Also this double standard of thinking lesbianism is ok while homosexuality between men is not, is also annoying. But I guess that has more to do with idividual’s comfort zones, so it’s not as bad.

  8. Soixante Neuf Says:

    *individuals’ comfort zones. Hate typos. Sorry

  9. Me Says:

    appreciate all the comments.

    To me, the most striking part is his fear of Tamils. I came to realize that homophobia is nothing more than a fear of a minority.

    Reminds me of a quotation in star wars, where they say that fear is the path to the dark side. 🙂

  10. Sesath Says:

    A friend forwarded me a nice Sinhala blog. Looks quite new.

  11. PseudoRandom Says:

    I find your friend’s comments saddening but, possibly worse, unsurprising. With regards to his views about homosexuality, I think it’s he that needs to ‘come down to the real world’, not you. People who engage in purely recreational sexual activity are not nymphomaniacs (regardless of their sexual orientation). Is he going to stop having sex with his eventual wife after she is past childbearing age? Hypocritical. As for possible violation of the Third Precept, I personally take it to mean ‘abstinence from sexual misconduct’, which would include non-consensual sex (so bestiality would be out, since the animal can’t express its consent) and adultery. Since homo-/bi-sexuality do not come under either of these, what’s the fuss?
    Regarding his view of Tamils, every citizen of our country (regardless of their ethnic background) should have equal opportunity to govern. Majority rules, perhaps…but the minority cannot be ignored. Maybe he would prefer the existence of a separate state so that Tamil people can rule in majority there? Then Sinhalese would be the minority in those regions…I wonder what his opinion would be then. Again, hypocritical.

    Apologies for the long comment – hypocrisy and prejudice are two character traits that make my blood boil.

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