I’ve been on the prowl for a new apartment these days in the Dehiwala, Mt. L, and Ratmalana area. And it is turned out to be a nightmare. Everywhere I go, I get the same answer.

“Sorry Sir, this apartment is only for foriegners.”

“Oh, when you spoke over the phone, we thought you were an expat.”

“No. This is a holiday home. And it’s meant for people from overseas.”

“Don’t take it personally, it’s a policy decision.”

Geez. What’s with the all the local hate? Do I really have that much of a godaya look?
Getting second grade treatment in your own country sucks big time. Especially when it’s a policy decision.



September 23, 2008

is my hobby these days.

Those tight nike hairbands (bought fresh from the pavement) make a great do-it-yourself blindfold. So far, I am able to roam around freely in my annex without making much noise & clutter.

Yesterday I drank a chicken/mushroom soup blindfolded, and I must say, that was one of the most delicious things I’ve had in a while. The aroma enhancing the flavour is pretty cool and the numbing of other senses brings in a sort of Ganzfeld effect. Rice & Curry isn’t really an option, but I will try eating one of those cheeneth-nethi-chineese pizzas today, and see how it goes.

Planning on having sex blindfolded as well, but convincing ze current partner and ensuring that it’s not some sort of domination fetish will take some effort. Provided that I survive the sea of humiliation, I’m sure it’ll turn out to be better than the soup.


September 18, 2008

It has a lot of bollocks and a lot of fucks. Science fiction in genre, but bieng of British origin, the movie has managed to take audiences back to the future.

It’s bloody, cannibalistic, and has a happy ending.

There’s no ulterior meaning (apart from the whole post-modern apocolyptic self-preserving attitude that will leave the human race cleaved… and the other usual doomsday stuff), so one can be blissfully ignorant or switch the brain on neutral, and still be able to enjoy the film without much trouble.

In Bruges

September 14, 2008

I’ve been losing grip on how simple life really is.

This film was an eye-opener. Not because the movie deals with death, but because the beauty of the film lies in little things. A smile. A smirk. The irrational laughter of a fertile young woman. A quarrel between two friends. The pride and prejudice of a small guesthouse hostess. The self-loathing anger of an emo wanna-be bad dude.

The plot didn’t really work for me. But every other thing in this film did.

Iron Man

September 12, 2008

A little late with this. But I’m only as quick as the p2p networks.

A Titanium-Gold Alloy Suit. Never thought those were weldable, let alone bulletproof. But the color is nice no? So no matter.

Apart from the suit, the hero is quite human. An articulate womanizer, a modern day Leonardo da Vinci, and a man who speaks his mind. There are no superpowers, no ninjas and most of all no girl friend who accidently falls in love with the other guy.

Never knew it was possible to make such a film.

The Fall

September 6, 2008

This film touched me in more ways than one. I felt the man’s pain as if it were mine, and was swept away in the innocence of the little girl’s carefree attitude towards life. It’s not a sad film. It actually made me smile. Several times.