September 18, 2008

It has a lot of bollocks and a lot of fucks. Science fiction in genre, but bieng of British origin, the movie has managed to take audiences back to the future.

It’s bloody, cannibalistic, and has a happy ending.

There’s no ulterior meaning (apart from the whole post-modern apocolyptic self-preserving attitude that will leave the human race cleaved… and the other usual doomsday stuff), so one can be blissfully ignorant or switch the brain on neutral, and still be able to enjoy the film without much trouble.


One Response to “Doomsday”

  1. Dili Says:

    to be totally honest, i mostly watched this to see if a Lara Croft model actually has the ability to pull of a Croft-like character. Put brain in neutral and enjoy the ride in a Bentley Continental GT 🙂

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