Sucks to be Sri Lankan (even in Sri Lanka)

September 26, 2008

I’ve been on the prowl for a new apartment these days in the Dehiwala, Mt. L, and Ratmalana area. And it is turned out to be a nightmare. Everywhere I go, I get the same answer.

“Sorry Sir, this apartment is only for foriegners.”

“Oh, when you spoke over the phone, we thought you were an expat.”

“No. This is a holiday home. And it’s meant for people from overseas.”

“Don’t take it personally, it’s a policy decision.”

Geez. What’s with the all the local hate? Do I really have that much of a godaya look?
Getting second grade treatment in your own country sucks big time. Especially when it’s a policy decision.


10 Responses to “Sucks to be Sri Lankan (even in Sri Lanka)”

  1. Deshy Says:

    Lol, sounds like real hell but then again those people are doing a business too and aparently they expect the rent in dollars 🙂 Or maybe they have bad experience renting to locals who might have misused the resources. I once had a friend who stopped renting out his house because the people usually leave with broken toilet fittings and dirty walls etc. Just look at the other side of the coin *-)

  2. diva Says:

    I am loathe to rent houses to Sri Lankans as to get them back is a nightmare one tennant we had a very very famous illustrator of kids books stayed in our house for over 20 years despite Premadasa giving this person a house in the soysapura flats. That house was given to their child to live in while the person in question stayed on in our house. We were threatened with kidnap physical harm etc all for trying to reclaim what was righfully ours. All the time a rent of rs 100 was paid to the assesment board for 4 bedroomed house!!! Ultimately we had to pay this awardwinning illustrator a couple of lakhs the rest was forfeited as the house was not vacated on time… I think this person should be called a gewal hora and not a kuda hora!!!!!

  3. Sam Says:

    I’m not sure do they have any legal right to do so. But then again, I totally agree with Deshy. So why not come up with some bullshit – say that you just came back from USS enterprise. 🙂

  4. Nishadha Says:

    Sam’s advice is the best , come up with some bullshit. it usually works in SL

  5. noorie Says:

    OMG. Tell me about it. I totally empathise with you, though I’m not Sri Lankan. The bf was in the same situ right. He called this guy who was renting a house in Galle road… And the bugger knew he was Sri Lanka (cos he spoke in Sinhalese I think) and he was soooo reluctant to give any details and practically said that he had other ppl lined up! Bf totally threw a bitch fit, called me and told me to talk to him. The funniest thing is he’s half British.

    He gave me the address and was wheedling for to come check the place out. It disgusted me. I gave him nicely. Said that he was so not singing the same tune when the bf had called. And hung up.

    If you think that is bad though, you should try being a foreigner trying to get a job here. Now that is Hell Part 2.

  6. noorie Says:

    Btw, I totally think you should go with the bs route as well!

  7. gutterflower Says:

    Lol. Go with the ‘I just came down from the US’ crap. Top it with a fake accent, and you’ll be fine.

    But yeah, some of the others made a valid point. Getting back houses/apartments from Sri Lankans can be a bitch. One of my friends had to pay their extremely obdurate tenant, who’d overstayed his welcome, 12 million just to vacate their holiday home in Galle.

  8. diva Says:

    My poor grandparents lost two properties – one in fernando Road and one in Nelson place to two “tennants” once my grandparents migrated in the early 60’s todate the houses have been owned by the tennants and we have no claim to them at all. Ironically, the patriarch of the family to whom the fernando road house was rented to and he who subsequently forged the deeds got a stroke and lost the use of his right hand. How these people can sleep at night knowing they have tricked some person is beyond me. These people are the scum of the earth and I hope my late grandfather has come back as a banshee and scares the crap out of them. These scum maggots have dishonestly owened houses which never belonged to them. I often go down to see the houses which should rightfully come to my mum and aunts and wish the squatters nothing but pure hell. Call me a sadistic bitch but sorry that is how I feel.

  9. Arjuna Ranatunga Says:

    Fuck Sri Lanka

  10. Baby Z Says:

    That sucks. Is it really that hard to find an apartment over there?

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