Please Hold the Line

October 31, 2008

Our requirement is simple. We want to wind a 6kV transformer. The first company that came to mind was Lanka Transformers. So we gave them a call.

A well respectable woman answered. We explained our requirement to her probably five times over. After which she thoughtfully says “ have to talk with the tech guys. I don’t really know these technical things.” @!@#$$@!

She hung up. So we called again and asked for a name and number.

Called the number and asked for the man. “Please hold the line” was the answer. I held the line for about 5 minutes. “He seems to have gone out. Can you call in about 2 hours?”

Like I have a choice.

Called in two hours. After listening intently his answer was “I can’t really give an answer. Can you call the factory manager?”.

Yes, I did in fact call the factory manager.

Me: We want to wind a 6kV transformer. Do you undertake such jobs?

FM: What’s the wattage you want?

Me: We don’t really need any current. Just a voltage signal would do.

FM: Err…… Can you come to our factory and meet Mr. ******.

Me: Can’t I just give him a call and ask whether the job can be done?

FM: Er… you’ll have to call on Monday. I don’t think Mr. ****** is there now.

I hung up not bothering to ask what would have happened if I did go to the factory with the person I’m supposed to meet already gone.

How is it that we live in an era burgeoned by telecommunication, and yet can’t seem to grasp the gist of its economy?


Has anyone else noticed the increasing number of beautiful women in the suburbs of Colombo? It’s like raining women out there!

But according to a study conducted at the Hebrew University, the quantity of women doesn’t play a significant role in the love lives of intelligent men. It’s the Quality that matters. Intelligence. Skill. Acumen. The ability to empathize with our inner desires and dreams.

I’ve blogged about my salaciousness towards intelligent women, and I’m sure most of the blogsphere share the same sentiments, perhaps in a less lascivious way. Provided of course that they’re into women and are intelligent.

The research goes a little further by explaining how monogamy became economical in the modern world. If you’re the romantically inclined and believe in Santa Claus better continue reading Helen Fisher. But if you’re willing to ponder into the depths of human psychology, history and sexuality with an open mind and without regrets, this is the place to start.

after reading this and the subsquent comments, two things became apparent

1.) The not-so-intelligent girls marry out of social pressure

2.) The intelligent ones marry eventually out of biological pressure

Either way, we [men] are fucked. Literally as well.


October 18, 2008

Anachronistic. Caustic. And Appropriate.The film I mean.

Hitler did it for his god. We do it for National Security.


October 16, 2008

Slow moving film. With a lot of beautiful scenes. Not much of a story though. Wish the dialogue was richer.

Phoebe from Friends (Lisa Kudrow) looks ancient.

….Erotic Science Fiction!

Read this!

The Tao of Neutrality

October 12, 2008

As with everything, neutrality has a price. Neutral people tend to look foolish due to the lack prolixity and seem vulnerable due to the lack of opinion.

But in his speech, Jonathan Haidt speaks about the importance of being able to let go of personal value systems (liberalism/conservatism) and look at other people without animosity and xenophobia. In essence, becoming neutral. Because according to him, liberals and conservatives both play an important role in human civilization. 

So maybe I should stop mocking the homophobic, sinhala-buddhist, patriotic and religious bozos in sl?

Hmmmm…. I’ll have to sleep on it.

P.S. Thank you Sachith for the edifying post.

Walking Life

October 11, 2008

Since the latter part of my childhood, after falling in love with Zen and Taoism, I’ve sprung an acute self-awareness. One that supersedes my sexuality. And perhaps even superseding my humanity. That’s probably why I felt Ms. Perera’s frustration after reading her take on being a female student in Sri Lanka (among other things) and that’s why I felt so vibrant when I came across this quixotic piece of science fiction.

Even though I couldn’t really make out what it is, lucid dreaming and bieng conscoius has been an integral and rather enjoyable part of my life.

The film walking life is kind of a prolific statement of what’s been bugging me all these years.

How can dreams be so vivid? Why can’t our minds conjure such whimsical thoughts when awake? Is it because we confine ourselves too much in real life? Is there really such a thing called collective knowledge and genetic memory? Or are we allowed to tap into other dimensions which amounts to the infinite knowledge that seems to come out of nowhere?

The film doesn’t have an answer to these questions. But it puts them in a nice sequence which I haven’t been able to do so far.

The Great Religion Debate

October 6, 2008

I have said this before and I will not hesitate to say this again:
Religion is meant for men who can’t think for themselves and for women who have no sense of humor.

People know this. Even the utterly religious types. Atleast their subconscoius does.
But in their conscious minds, they suppress it. Willingly. Patriotically. And Religiously.

Because it’s always easier and safer to take the blue pill instead of the red one.

Lars and the Real Girl

October 1, 2008

This is said to be a Comedy/Drama.  I’d like to classify it as a passive psycological thriller.

The plot is about a delusional man who thinks his blowup doll is real.

But as the story unwound I felt compelled to probe into the mirror and check for existing delusions in meself.
It’s scary, because throughout the film it shows that the ones we love tend to play along with our delusions just to make us happy. And in the process we miss a lot of things which are right in front of our eyes.

This film actually made me focus on the present moment, rethink my priorities and take a reality check before doing anything else. A dose of intense physical exercise, meditation and a hot shower later, I’m still trying to figure out what’s real and what’s not.