Walking Life

October 11, 2008

Since the latter part of my childhood, after falling in love with Zen and Taoism, I’ve sprung an acute self-awareness. One that supersedes my sexuality. And perhaps even superseding my humanity. That’s probably why I felt Ms. Perera’s frustration after reading her take on being a female student in Sri Lanka (among other things) and that’s why I felt so vibrant when I came across this quixotic piece of science fiction.

Even though I couldn’t really make out what it is, lucid dreaming and bieng conscoius has been an integral and rather enjoyable part of my life.

The film walking life is kind of a prolific statement of what’s been bugging me all these years.

How can dreams be so vivid? Why can’t our minds conjure such whimsical thoughts when awake? Is it because we confine ourselves too much in real life? Is there really such a thing called collective knowledge and genetic memory? Or are we allowed to tap into other dimensions which amounts to the infinite knowledge that seems to come out of nowhere?

The film doesn’t have an answer to these questions. But it puts them in a nice sequence which I haven’t been able to do so far.


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