Polygamy and the Quality of Women

October 28, 2008

Has anyone else noticed the increasing number of beautiful women in the suburbs of Colombo? It’s like raining women out there!

But according to a study conducted at the Hebrew University, the quantity of women doesn’t play a significant role in the love lives of intelligent men. It’s the Quality that matters. Intelligence. Skill. Acumen. The ability to empathize with our inner desires and dreams.

I’ve blogged about my salaciousness towards intelligent women, and I’m sure most of the blogsphere share the same sentiments, perhaps in a less lascivious way. Provided of course that they’re into women and are intelligent.

The research goes a little further by explaining how monogamy became economical in the modern world. If you’re the romantically inclined and believe in Santa Claus better continue reading Helen Fisher. But if you’re willing to ponder into the depths of human psychology, history and sexuality with an open mind and without regrets, this is the place to start.


4 Responses to “Polygamy and the Quality of Women”

  1. Foxhound Says:

    Well I didn’t read all that stuff, but of course its the quality that counts!

    Ok I lied… I skimmed, a little. Pretty detailed analysis.

    In a nutshell: Skilled man needs skilled woman.

    Skilled woman = more expensive

    Therefore less and less women as man gets more skilled!

    Unskilled man can enjoy loads of unskilled women. Hurrah!

  2. Me Says:

    Actually, unskilled men want loads of women but they can’t afford them.

    Skilled men on the other hand can afford loads of unskilled women, but prefer the skilled ones better, and hence stick with one or just a few partner(s).

    Thus creating the economy for monogamy.

  3. Nishadha Says:

    Ahh Me has summarized it pretty well , long article but worth the read , question if is I want few women does that mean I’m not skilled 😛 ?

  4. Baby Z Says:

    It has always amuses me how men always go after women who are way outta their league. It also amuses me how many nice girls end up dating or marrying bad guys who don’t treat them right.

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