Please Hold the Line

October 31, 2008

Our requirement is simple. We want to wind a 6kV transformer. The first company that came to mind was Lanka Transformers. So we gave them a call.

A well respectable woman answered. We explained our requirement to her probably five times over. After which she thoughtfully says “ have to talk with the tech guys. I don’t really know these technical things.” @!@#$$@!

She hung up. So we called again and asked for a name and number.

Called the number and asked for the man. “Please hold the line” was the answer. I held the line for about 5 minutes. “He seems to have gone out. Can you call in about 2 hours?”

Like I have a choice.

Called in two hours. After listening intently his answer was “I can’t really give an answer. Can you call the factory manager?”.

Yes, I did in fact call the factory manager.

Me: We want to wind a 6kV transformer. Do you undertake such jobs?

FM: What’s the wattage you want?

Me: We don’t really need any current. Just a voltage signal would do.

FM: Err…… Can you come to our factory and meet Mr. ******.

Me: Can’t I just give him a call and ask whether the job can be done?

FM: Er… you’ll have to call on Monday. I don’t think Mr. ****** is there now.

I hung up not bothering to ask what would have happened if I did go to the factory with the person I’m supposed to meet already gone.

How is it that we live in an era burgeoned by telecommunication, and yet can’t seem to grasp the gist of its economy?


4 Responses to “Please Hold the Line”

  1. Foxhound Says:

    Man that is so common here. Like the IT shop I used to send my computer in for repairs. There’s 20 people in there, but when I ask if I can get it fixed they say… “sorry the engineer is out for lunch” and I’m thinking ‘what the fark are the rest of you here for then’?

  2. hmm typical of here… lol foxhound thats qutie true..

  3. Oh Man! its happened to me upteen times! $&^$&*#&%*(%!! is not the bloody word!

  4. Baby Z Says:

    I’ve been there many times brother and every time it happens it frustrates the hell out of me.

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