I was randomly commenting on the blogsphere when I hit this. Being the jerk that I am, I left an unconventional (probably satanic in their perspective) comment on the site. I got hit back:

“I am sure you are a typical Sri Lankan graduate who did a external degree while duing an internal degree and now telling that “University Education is Useless”.

Those of you who know me personally, would probably be laughing your socks off. Those of you who do not know me, let’s just say he’s missed the point by several thousand nautical miles. But that’s not the point…

Why does this guy want to think that he knows who I am? Why does he think that I neatly fit into this “group” he vividly describes?

I’ve seen similar things happening elsewhere in the blogsphere. The author of beyondframe has been subjected to accusations of being an NGO terrorist supporter. Sanjana and Groundviews have constantly been battered by white-collar patriots. Indi has been vapidly judged over the accusations directed to his father.

Just for argument’s sake, let’s say all this is true. Maybe Sanjana is the devil himself in disguise. Maybe Indi is a spoilt brat who’s sole purpose in life is to sell his fathers agenda to the country. Maybe Christian NGOs are trying to take over the world. Maybe Sirasa wants to create Tamil Eelam.  So what?

Everyone wants to take over the world. And everyone wants to spread their own propaganda.

Including you. Yes, you!


Rivira Editor Assaulted

January 23, 2009

The daily mirror says his injuries are not critical.

The country however is still asleep. “It can’t be the government. Must be some UNPers trying to distract attention from the war.”

Away From Her

January 22, 2009


My eyes were filled with tears to the end. Perhaps it was the scotch that I was drinking. Perhaps it was the film.

The kind of love in the film, the Unselfish type, is what I’ve searched for all my life. Elusive as it may be, the film actually gave me hope. At least for a while.

I kind of like the way they’ve ended it. What happens to the couple is not shown. But the intimate moment they share together, surpasses a million happily-ever-afters.

Courtship Advice for Women

January 21, 2009

1.) Make yourself accessible.

2.) Don’t hit the sack on the first day.

3.) When you do finally hit the sack, do it with passion.

There’s a pretty self-explanatory chart that explains the first point. Usually in Colombo the expressing of interest is more or less executed by the male.  So the brunt of loosing points is weighed upon the male and the male alone. If you’re into risk-takers then of course you can play hard-to-get all you want. Infact, they might even enjoy the chase. But if you’re looking for a stable non-bikerboy type of guy, then you might want to consider loosing that ego a lil bit.

Remember, a night-out is a night-out. Having dinner at a fancy restaurant or gracing the Lionel Wendt doesn’t make you a couple; It just makes you two people with similar tastes. Him buying you dinner is nothing to be guilty conscious of. It’s just how the game works. Albeit a little unjust in this day and age, feel free to indulge in the extravagant amounts of money he will spend on you. If you’re feeling a little feminist, then go ahead and share the bill, but keep in mind to show some appreciation for him trying to get the bill for you. Because little did you know, that we know that only wealthy men have an increased chance of bringing a woman to orgasm.  So help us, help you.

Making yourself accessible and jumping the sack are two very different things. And so we come to our second point. In this study done by UCL, they say that “the male’s willingness to court for a long time is a signal that he is likely to be a good male”. So while putting yourself out there, remember to stay in control of the situation. You obviously have a grasp of the biological repurcussions, so this will automatically come to you.

But finally after you do realize that this is a guy that you want to be intimate with, please loose yourself in the moment. Sex can’t be planned and executed like a morning jog on Mt. Lavinia beach. It has to happen spontaneosly. Especially if you’re trying to do it without the influence of alchol and if you want the man to last for more than 2 minutes then it’s advisable that you really get into it. Contrary to popular belief, even though men think about sex all the time, they are easily put off by small things when they come across the real thing.

P.S. I’m trying to make love, not war in the paradise isle. So work with me ladies.

This is from a little chat I had with Gayan. Excuse the typos.

gayan: sin-bud terrorisam?
me: it was here a long time since
gayan: aaah..nw only its getting some limelight… cos all the time the light was on the tamil-catholic terrorism??
me: yep. two sides of the same coin
gayan: yes. they get what they sow..
me: not only they. we’re also getting what we deserve
gayan: we are already at the receiving end ney…so wnt make that much of a differecne…
whether we get hammered from praba or gota…I dnt think it will be any bit different…
me: it’s not about praba or gota
to praba we only lost land,
to sinhala-buddhism we’re losing our soul
gayan: naaaaaa…. we lost it in 56… with SWRD…
me: that was the beginning
gayan: and now is where it ends..
me: I wonder whehter it’s already over
gayan: no soul..no conscience, no problems
me: no life
gayan: yes…….. not like we had one anyway
so its a no loss
me: only the budget deficit
gayan: the draconian iranians will keep us afloat for a few years…after that who cares….
me: live for the moment and die another day?
gayan: well…. lets go where the wind blows…get too attached, die a magoot
me: the buddha spoke in similar lines i believe, with a little more prolixity
gayan: aaah…tough times, call for less sublime words
me: my frustration is that I feel completely powerless
gayan: power to do what?
me: No amount of reasoning can stop this Sinhala Terrorism
The more you fight it, the more stonger it becomes
gayan: something born out of unreasoned minds, cant be stopped by reason alone
sometimes things need to run their natural course…. different races learn in different ways….
take the germans…it took them 2 world wars and millions of deaths to understand that they just cant conquer the world…
like wise, let SL take its natural course…. maybe we will take 2000 years, but if it takes that much of time, it MUST take that much of time
me: It’s times like these when I wish that I was born a little later in human civilization
but anyway wut to do no?
gayan: yes
u will again have ur chance in another 100 or more years..