Conspiracy Theories, Propaganda and NGO Vampires

January 30, 2009

I was randomly commenting on the blogsphere when I hit this. Being the jerk that I am, I left an unconventional (probably satanic in their perspective) comment on the site. I got hit back:

“I am sure you are a typical Sri Lankan graduate who did a external degree while duing an internal degree and now telling that “University Education is Useless”.

Those of you who know me personally, would probably be laughing your socks off. Those of you who do not know me, let’s just say he’s missed the point by several thousand nautical miles. But that’s not the point…

Why does this guy want to think that he knows who I am? Why does he think that I neatly fit into this “group” he vividly describes?

I’ve seen similar things happening elsewhere in the blogsphere. The author of beyondframe has been subjected to accusations of being an NGO terrorist supporter. Sanjana and Groundviews have constantly been battered by white-collar patriots. Indi has been vapidly judged over the accusations directed to his father.

Just for argument’s sake, let’s say all this is true. Maybe Sanjana is the devil himself in disguise. Maybe Indi is a spoilt brat who’s sole purpose in life is to sell his fathers agenda to the country. Maybe Christian NGOs are trying to take over the world. Maybe Sirasa wants to create Tamil Eelam.  So what?

Everyone wants to take over the world. And everyone wants to spread their own propaganda.

Including you. Yes, you!


4 Responses to “Conspiracy Theories, Propaganda and NGO Vampires”

  1. deeps Says:

    well, im sorry if the comments on my blog have hurt you!!

  2. Me Says:

    Nothing to be sorry about. Everyone has a right of opinion.

    I’m just amused at all the assumptions people make.

  3. Nishadha Says:

    It’s amazing that critics of Sirasa ignore propaganda movement by the government. Speaking of grounviews he must be getting some good traffic because MANY PATRIOTS usually links to him before battering him.

  4. Baby Z Says:

    Yeah you’re right, I have my own propaganda to spread. The problem is I’m not quite what it is either.

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