The Reader

February 28, 2009



There are not a lot of women in the industry that can express a wider range of emotions than Kate. Her performance in the Reader wasn’t without flaw, but she obviously deserved an award for the flurry in Little Children. Her young lover, in my opinion is someone to watch out for in the coming years.

As for the film, it’s simple. Without the background music, you’d even ask what’s all the fuss about. That of course is the brilliance of the film. It dwells into the intricacies of Law, Morality and Choice without trying to prove anything.

Ideal to wake yourself up on a beautiful Saturday morning.


Pornography, Lasantha, & Petrol? A very valid question indeed.

The answer is blowing in the wind my friend. Blowing in the wind.

I’m a Tea Boy

February 19, 2009

Can you be anything else when you live in an isle like this?

I got addicted to tea when I was in school. Those days it was a malu pan ekai plain tea ekai for the Interval. At uni it was a plain tea doublai doughnut ekai. I was not sure which had the most sugar content- the doughnut or the tea, but the pick-me-up-er effect only came with the combination of the two. Occasionally they would put ginger in it, and I would hate it. Tried to make a fuss about it but there were some chaps in the Union who liked ginger.

I was later introduced to green tea. Sencha took my virginity. Induced in a karmic trance that to this day still tingles my inner most desires, I instantly fell in love.

Then came the Jasmine petals. The aroma of freshly plucked fertile flowers (whatever the kind) is hard to resist. I say this with utmost respect. The sense of urgency to consume the contents are subdued by a yearning to keep the fragrance forever in your heart.

Later I was lucky enough to taste a delicious and tangy iced-tea embedded with a new lemon flavour which they said was straight out of the chemist’s lab. I remember the day as it was yesterday. It was in the eve of 2007, while doing some consultancy for a Unilever tea plantation in Nuwara Eliya. We were exhausted and enervated after a long day’s work. Took a hot shower which seemed like heaven at that time and came out to be greeted by a jug full of ice cold liquid. We thought they were kidding at first.

I learned that day that climate was not a barrier for an epicure.

Ever since, I’ve searched for iced-lemon tea throughout Sri Lanka but apparently they only make these things for export. But the local market is expanding. And I’ve seen some new flavours fill up the banal shelves of FoodCitys during the past years. So there is hope.

Cerno put an idea out there to collect and perhaps publish the best blog posts on kottu. So here’s my nomination.

It’s a classic. I can’t describe it in any other words, cause I’ll probably ruin it.

To me, it’s a life altering piece- since it got me hooked on kottu.


I’ve been taking this stuff more frequently than I can afford in the long run. But it makes me happy. And I like being happy.

I’ve also managed to do things easily. You know like, running a monte carlo and genetic algorithm to find the best fit between biological altruism and competitive altruism that will enhance the living conditions on the planet…. Not really, but I find it easy to concentrate with this in my system.

It’s supposed to be a stronger version of chicken soup. So apparently the energy comes from the heavy dose of macronutrients. Or so the marketing websites claim. Some research papers are available as well, but I didn’t bother to check the authenticity.

They also say it’s a “chineese red bull”, which is kind of a  misnomer since the effects of redbull or very much short term and cardiologically not very sound.

As for the side effects, I’ve been waking up early in the morning – at bout 5am – these days. Which is kind of a bummer cause I’m more of night owl than an early bird.

Dating for Dummies

February 15, 2009


One of my cousins’ got married last week and apparently they first hooked up over an Internet chatroom. She’s residing in UK but bieng the optimist and scolding older sister that she is, she forced me to look at the “prospects” available on the Internet.

I’m a primitive guy who loves old fashion bird watching. I think it satisfies my inner hunter instincts to watch the prey in their natural habitat. The Internet however to my great dismay, defies the concept of watching.

To this she says that I should market myself via facebook, youtube and twitter and make friends who also have facebook, youtube and twitter. There were some other crude websites and chat sites that she mentioned, but most of them seem to be infested with “boys looking for mature older women to fuck”.

I finally resorted to google and I found this book called “Dating for Dummies”. I loved the dummy series, the Differential Equations for Dummies and Statistics for Dummies really helped me get through uni, and I was quite sure that this book would also do some good.

I was dreadfully wrong. It has 392 pages of useful advice, for dating in a western country. Things like who should pay the bill, and who should make the first move are pretty much constants in this part of the world. The book also talks about the dilemma bout kissing on the first date. Do we Sri Lankans ever kiss? I mean we might have sex on the first date which will include kissing, touching and the whole package, but do we ever kiss and part our ways? We don’t have first bases and second bases – we only do home runs. At least according to my limited experience.

I say we should rewrite this book in the name of science, knowledge-sharing and preserving Sri Lankan culture. There are some good writers on the blogsphere. Anyone care to take up the challenge?

Ajith has a post here, which has a screenshot of a local newspaper saying that 72% of teens are sexually active and 18% are addicted to drugs – in the same sentence. Anyone can smell the religious fundamentalist mentality in this sentence from miles away.

I’ve experimented with both sex and drugs when I was schooling. And let me tell you with empirical evidence, they are not the same thing -especially for a teen. Sex, at the right moment with the right person, can uplift your health and bring balance to a overly-pedantic and monotonous life. The experience stays with you for the rest of your life, even if the you and your partner choose to go separate ways.

Drugs on the other hand, makes people weak. The craving for a little more will eat the person from inside until she’s lost all grip of reality. The experience is definitely something you try to forget for the rest of your life.

But wut to do? The government [media] not only magically pulls out stats of someone’s arse, but also presents them in a twisted way so that religous fundamentalists can sleep well at night thinking that their lives actually do have some grand purpose.

Rather than age old concept of saving-the-princess-trapped-in-tower-by-the-evil-wizard, this time they’ve turned the princess into an acrobatic and witty character that journeys together with the prince. Jumping on walls, fighting evil monsters and catching the prince when he falls. Yep, my kind of girl.

Thanks to the princess, the prince never dies. She always brings him back to life, making the game more of an adventure genre rather than an action one. Good for ol’timers like me. 🙂

The conversations are hilarious. The prince is playful, extremely flirty and acts the fool – all the time. The princess is sarcastic, down-to-earth and has a sense of direction. Yeah, I know, I didn’t believe it either. You have to play it to believe it.

The following screenshots are courtesy IGN.


On a technical note: The graphics as you can see, are simple yet colourful. I played it with the highest setting on my notebook which has a 7900GS equivalent VGA. It should work fine at lower settings on average machines.

I’ve heard this argument more than the bottles I’ve consumed over the past decade. It was invoked again yesterday by Amila who said

LTTE problem is the biggest of all. When it is over, government will have to perform to stay in power. Anyway… this country needs a (good) dictator. Diplomatic ways won’t improve the poor work ethics in the country. Now ppl are out of track. They should be put into the track by force if necessary… A factor of fear should be there, like in Premadasa Era; where ppl will finish the unfinished roads & buildings for fear, stop striking for fear, etc… So there wont be any half-baked work.”

Amila is a good guy. I’ve known him for the past four years or so. He’s a hard worker. Believes in team effort and a great leader. Not a person who would actually yell at someone to get things done. Yet he goes on to say that Sri Lanka needs a good dictator. And we should instill fear on our people.

In Amila’s defence, most Sri lankans think the same way. After 40 years of half-baked capitalism that was never socially sustainable due to various reasons, we’ve come to think that democracy is a waste of time, and human rights are just puff.

What are we to do? I have no idea.