All we need is a Good Dictator?

February 9, 2009

I’ve heard this argument more than the bottles I’ve consumed over the past decade. It was invoked again yesterday by Amila who said

LTTE problem is the biggest of all. When it is over, government will have to perform to stay in power. Anyway… this country needs a (good) dictator. Diplomatic ways won’t improve the poor work ethics in the country. Now ppl are out of track. They should be put into the track by force if necessary… A factor of fear should be there, like in Premadasa Era; where ppl will finish the unfinished roads & buildings for fear, stop striking for fear, etc… So there wont be any half-baked work.”

Amila is a good guy. I’ve known him for the past four years or so. He’s a hard worker. Believes in team effort and a great leader. Not a person who would actually yell at someone to get things done. Yet he goes on to say that Sri Lanka needs a good dictator. And we should instill fear on our people.

In Amila’s defence, most Sri lankans think the same way. After 40 years of half-baked capitalism that was never socially sustainable due to various reasons, we’ve come to think that democracy is a waste of time, and human rights are just puff.

What are we to do? I have no idea.


3 Responses to “All we need is a Good Dictator?”

  1. well….whether we like it or not i guess we are going to get one after the war…:D

  2. People get the leadership they deserve

    I think that was a Persian quote. If the majority want a good dictatorship I think they would get one. There is nothing others could do. People should get a good dictatorship and they must realize that it was a mistake, like germans did. What we could do is hope that the damage or the stagnation done by the dictatorship would be minimal.

  3. Nishadha Says:

    Sri Lankans are so used to being told what to do , so a dictator is what most people want

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