Dating for Dummies

February 15, 2009


One of my cousins’ got married last week and apparently they first hooked up over an Internet chatroom. She’s residing in UK but bieng the optimist and scolding older sister that she is, she forced me to look at the “prospects” available on the Internet.

I’m a primitive guy who loves old fashion bird watching. I think it satisfies my inner hunter instincts to watch the prey in their natural habitat. The Internet however to my great dismay, defies the concept of watching.

To this she says that I should market myself via facebook, youtube and twitter and make friends who also have facebook, youtube and twitter. There were some other crude websites and chat sites that she mentioned, but most of them seem to be infested with “boys looking for mature older women to fuck”.

I finally resorted to google and I found this book called “Dating for Dummies”. I loved the dummy series, the Differential Equations for Dummies and Statistics for Dummies really helped me get through uni, and I was quite sure that this book would also do some good.

I was dreadfully wrong. It has 392 pages of useful advice, for dating in a western country. Things like who should pay the bill, and who should make the first move are pretty much constants in this part of the world. The book also talks about the dilemma bout kissing on the first date. Do we Sri Lankans ever kiss? I mean we might have sex on the first date which will include kissing, touching and the whole package, but do we ever kiss and part our ways? We don’t have first bases and second bases – we only do home runs. At least according to my limited experience.

I say we should rewrite this book in the name of science, knowledge-sharing and preserving Sri Lankan culture. There are some good writers on the blogsphere. Anyone care to take up the challenge?


4 Responses to “Dating for Dummies”

  1. Disease Says:

    I totally Agree With you Man Lets do it I am there 🙂


  2. MiddleChild Says:

    dude ! seriously !!

  3. Dee Says:

    hm..not a bad idea really..!

  4. Baby Z Says:

    Yeah, you should write it. I’m sure it would be quite a read.

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