Essence of Chicken: My new found Sin

February 15, 2009


I’ve been taking this stuff more frequently than I can afford in the long run. But it makes me happy. And I like being happy.

I’ve also managed to do things easily. You know like, running a monte carlo and genetic algorithm to find the best fit between biological altruism and competitive altruism that will enhance the living conditions on the planet…. Not really, but I find it easy to concentrate with this in my system.

It’s supposed to be a stronger version of chicken soup. So apparently the energy comes from the heavy dose of macronutrients. Or so the marketing websites claim. Some research papers are available as well, but I didn’t bother to check the authenticity.

They also say it’s a “chineese red bull”, which is kind of a  misnomer since the effects of redbull or very much short term and cardiologically not very sound.

As for the side effects, I’ve been waking up early in the morning – at bout 5am – these days. Which is kind of a bummer cause I’m more of night owl than an early bird.


14 Responses to “Essence of Chicken: My new found Sin”

  1. Dee Says:

    dude! I dont think this is good for you!

  2. Nishadha Says:

    If it makes you happy I guess there’s no harm in taking it 🙂

  3. Me Says:

    Dee, do you have any reason to say that?

  4. pissu perera Says:

    i don’t think there’s anything wrong with it. my grandfather was given this on doctor’s orders when he was sick, to give him an energy boost.

    someone said it helps with memory and advised me to take it during exams. someone else mentioned mars bars also work. you can guess which one i tried (for the record, i didn’t notice much of a difference in my memory after eating mars but like you said, it made me happy 🙂 )

  5. MiddleChild Says:

    you and essence of chicken? hmm. the mystery continues.. 😀

  6. Me Says:

    Mars gives a sugar rush and a caffeine boost. I’m willing to bet this is not the same thing.

    I was wondering what the mystery was about, and then I saw your post. I loled.

  7. Me Says:

    and oh yeah, Mars makes me happy too.

  8. Dee Says:

    I dunno..just see the ingredients…maybe MSG added or something? no? I dunno…*regards bottle warily

  9. nikang Says:

    Ye waking up early and it being the “essence of chicken” sure does make sense…. I know this is going to sound weird, this is based on hearsay btw, that chicken essence was made out of Chicken shit? :S (I didn’t believe it, NO really, I’m NOT that gullible) 🙂

  10. MJ Says:

    Hi, I used to take Red Bull but stopped because of the high caffeine which causes my heart to go bumpy.

    I heard about Sean and Milinda taking brands chicken essence and I try it.

    Like you, it makes me very happy.

    My memory improves and I have more stamina for sports.

    I also begin to notice that quite a number of my schoolmates buying it at the pharmacy.

    I ask them and they told me it is very good during exam and sports.

    I also found out that it was a 100 year old product from UK.

  11. Roshan Says:

    My 70 year old grandfather takes at least 1 bottle of chicken essence every week for years.

    He is so mentally alert that he can remember so many things that even I cannot remember.

    There must be something good about chicken essence like what you said.

    No wonder they have so many scientific papers to prove it.

    My grandfather said it is a very concentrated, powerful chicken drink.

    After knowing what you said, I going to give it a try myself.

  12. Baby Z Says:

    I doubt it’s good for your health.

  13. Alexander Says:

    I have tried this when young in Singapore – very good
    in which countriess it available


  14. shaun Says:

    although brands has denied it, but by rite essence normally contain high cholestrol levels.

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