I’m a Tea Boy

February 19, 2009

Can you be anything else when you live in an isle like this?

I got addicted to tea when I was in school. Those days it was a malu pan ekai plain tea ekai for the Interval. At uni it was a plain tea doublai doughnut ekai. I was not sure which had the most sugar content- the doughnut or the tea, but the pick-me-up-er effect only came with the combination of the two. Occasionally they would put ginger in it, and I would hate it. Tried to make a fuss about it but there were some chaps in the Union who liked ginger.

I was later introduced to green tea. Sencha took my virginity. Induced in a karmic trance that to this day still tingles my inner most desires, I instantly fell in love.

Then came the Jasmine petals. The aroma of freshly plucked fertile flowers (whatever the kind) is hard to resist. I say this with utmost respect. The sense of urgency to consume the contents are subdued by a yearning to keep the fragrance forever in your heart.

Later I was lucky enough to taste a delicious and tangy iced-tea embedded with a new lemon flavour which they said was straight out of the chemist’s lab. I remember the day as it was yesterday. It was in the eve of 2007, while doing some consultancy for a Unilever tea plantation in Nuwara Eliya. We were exhausted and enervated after a long day’s work. Took a hot shower which seemed like heaven at that time and came out to be greeted by a jug full of ice cold liquid. We thought they were kidding at first.

I learned that day that climate was not a barrier for an epicure.

Ever since, I’ve searched for iced-lemon tea throughout Sri Lanka but apparently they only make these things for export. But the local market is expanding. And I’ve seen some new flavours fill up the banal shelves of FoodCitys during the past years. So there is hope.


13 Responses to “I’m a Tea Boy”

  1. Dee Says:

    uhhh…not a fan of iced tea. 😦 hot with ginger and oodles of sugar? Yes please! 😀

  2. Sachintha Says:

    Umm… I think you can find Lemon-Tea in SL. There is a place near the McDonalds in Kollupitiya. Sea side of the road, and towards the Bambalapitiya. Maybe less than 100 yards from the Mc. It’s some kind of Tea Plantation Showroom or something and they have all kinds of tea there. I bought a few there and they had Lemon Tea as well.

    Of course you’d have to cool them to make Ice Tea! 😉

  3. kalusudda Says:

    I am sipping on a cup of green tea right now which came straight from Japan. No sugar, no Ginger, just tea, the same way I drink coffee! 😉

  4. Jack Point Says:

    Nothing beats a strong cup with loads of condensed milk in it. Goes well with butter cake at tea time too.

  5. metheblogger Says:

    Ginger is best with kithul hakuru. Dunno how people can drink it with sugar.

    There’s a difference between normal lemon tea and iced-lemon tea. They mix something to the blend which makes it irresistible when taken cold.

    Sure. Will you provide me with a life’s supply of Green Tea?

    Dude you have stick with one girl. It’s either coffee or tea. You can’t have both. 🙂

    The thicker the better no.

  6. pissu perera Says:

    dude, iced-tea ftw!! green tea i started drinking a few years ago and now i’ve acquired a taste for it and ginger tea i get twice a day in office, but the iced variety is the best imo. (btw, is it iced-tea or ice tea? always thought it should be the former, but i’ve only seen the latter on boxes) i love the peach stuff but i’ve had both lemon and apple as well. heladiv makes it as good as the canned lipton stuff i found abroad. if i’m not mistaken, a 200ml carton is about 35 bucks. you get it in half litres and litres as well. it’s available at healthguard pharmacies and arpico. haven’t seen it in keells or cargills. i drink litres of the stuff if and when i find them. try it out and let me know how you like it.

  7. Me Says:

    Iced-tea makes more sense to me. Not sure though.

    Yeah, the peach is absolutely wonderful. Tastes a bit like mint without the bite. Has a great aroma too.

    Arpico you say? Well then, its off to battaramulla on the weekend.

  8. Oooooh! I’ve been a coffee person for as long as I can remember. I’ve avoided tea the way I’d avoide medicine! But since my addiction to coffee got a little out of hand I’ve switched to tea and I’ve discovered it really isn’t half bad… Now, I can’t start the day minus my cuppa tea 😀
    Not into all those fancy renditions though… just good ol’ fashioned tea with milk!

  9. rannelee Says:

    Jasmine Tea – no words to say but that I am in looooooooove, just taking the aroma will make it worth living… really i can just drink only jasmine tea and make ma day…and green tea hmmm do we really need to comment on that? So easy to make as well 😉

  10. Theena Says:

    Plain tea with ginger is nectar from ze gods. Add a dash of pepper – I repeat: a dash. Nothing more – and you’ll feel like a newborn. Serve it piping hot. If you smoke (tobacco or otherwise) then, sir, you are in for a treat. 🙂

  11. Me Says:

    Tried with pepper minus the smoke. It cleared my sinuses. 🙂

  12. Baby Z Says:

    I never really liked tea much, I prefer coffee.

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