Dinidu de Alwis – Why I liked the Bugger

March 9, 2009

For some reason Dinidu’s blog is no more. Perhaps he had some “personal issues” like Narayana Murthy.

I don’t know him as a journalist. But I do know him as a blogger.

In a thoroughly subjective world, he was objective.
He was a traitor to a nation which was drowning in its own glorified shit.
He was a stupid atheist, when he could’ve taken the easier path of clever and blissful religous ignorance.

As a lotus blossoming out of the mud, the young bugger preferred rational reasoning over grandma’s patriotic tales of Dutugamunu.

It always takes effort to go against the common crowd. It also takes guts to speak out aloud without anonymity. Dinidu was full of both.

14 Responses to “Dinidu de Alwis – Why I liked the Bugger”

  1. Tulie Says:

    So you don’t know Dinidu personally huh? Lucky You!

    I had the misfortune to know him personally. Never again will I judge anyone by their written words.

    What he is, is the most egomaniacal hypocrite of all time. He has the uncanny ability to write about words like ‘conscience’ and ‘justice’ in the most moving of terms without ever practicing what he so eloquently preaches in his real life.

    He is an exceptional writer – I will give him that much, but that’s all he is. To phrase it in his own words he is ‘All fart and no shit’.

    Grow up guys. Don’t get so easily dazzled by eloquence, whether its written or spoken.

  2. Farah Says:

    Tulie, let me guess – you were rejected by Dinidu? Don’t take it so hard on yourself girl these things happen. And it is best to move on without making fuss about it.

  3. The End Says:

    I thank you. And yes, this is I.

  4. Tulie Says:

    Thanks Farah for the concern but I was never so stupid nor so blind(both in the physical as well as the literal sense) as to go out with Dinidu de Alwis of all people!

  5. Me Says:

    The End signifies a new beginning. I’ll be looking forward to it.

  6. nikang Says:

    Why would ye conclude on the fact that a girl woz rejected (by him)if she dislikes a guy? Thats the epitome of stupidity. And I agree with Tully wholly, he can make lives miserable!

  7. passionatelypatient Says:

    Hopefully the blog will be up and running soon. I never read it and I’m sooo interested to know what it was all about. Here’s hoping he returns, and that I find him 🙂

  8. Fallenstar Says:

    I just couldn’t resist replying to Farah’s comment. 🙂

    Honey, name calling and the like doesn’t help defend your friend. It just makes you look like a airhead.

  9. Anon Says:

    Having known the blogger in question, and drawing inspiration for my writing from him, I can confirm that he is a grade A jerk.

    But just like House from the TV series, Dinidu is a genius. He knows he’s an amazing writer, that he has a way with words, and that gives him a right to a certain level of arrogance.

    I’ve also seen him standing up for his friends. And I’ve also seen him completely ignoring and sometimes even disowning those who cross him the wrong way. He is one of the best friends I have. And he will forgive me for saying that I know how vicious he can be when you’ve crossed him the wrong way, which in his own words is ‘trying to fuck with me’.

    Looking at the comments from Tulie and Nikang above, I can safely assume you two have crossed him off someway, and he in his mean way had gotten back at you.

    Dinidu unlike a lot of people out there does not flash words like ‘conscience’ and ‘justice’ around. For those of you who have not seen him speak, the passion with which he believes in them, is nothing short of admirable. I’m sure Tulie has not had the chance to see him in action. I have.

    Whatever said and done, the blogosphere of Sri Lanka has lost one of it’s strongest voices. And people like Nikang and Tulie who are nobodys, can’t even come to understand that loss.

    I salute you, sir!

  10. Roccio Says:


  11. sittingnut Says:

    dinidu de alwis is a liar .
    his last post in dinidudealwis blog contained a false quotation attributed to me that i never said.

    i asked him to explain .

    he deleted his blog the same day .

    now he writes in another blog but still no explanation . censors when asked to explanation.

    that person is objective? that is a bitchy lair .

  12. Rakhitha Says:

    is this the same guy who is sending political spam from a mail address dinidu.de.alwis@newsoflanks.info? I am getting tons of spam from this address. and the spam is made to look like its comming from a google group that does not exist.

    I mailed the bugger and asked to stop spamming my office mail box before i block him. And he replied refusing to do so. If this is the same dinidu he dont even know the basic ethics of using internet.

  13. Rakhitha Says:

    small correction the mail address is dinidu.de.alwis@newsoflanka.info

  14. The End Says:

    Showed up on the Google Alert for some reason. There was mail sent from that address, which even I got. They were NOT sent by me. Putting it out there.


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