Evening Meditation

March 15, 2009

Paramount as the task may be,  uncluttering and reducing the noise inside, usually ends up worth the while.

The evening breeze with it’s delightful flavour makes it easier. There are two crows sitting on electricity cables, probably waiting for the rain to pour. Two konda kurrula’s tease an alley cat at the edge of the road, doing somesort of mating dance or whatever. There are a couple of middle-aged women laughing out aloud in the street in a language that I cannot understand.

I can feel my own breath hitting my chest as I exhale out – time seems to slow down. I feel. I listen. I am.

Troubles of the past and fears of the future come to mind. Memes invade and tempt me to judge. Lust, loathing and cravings try to engender a false sense of meaning to life. I listen, observe and let go. Trying not to create an ego out any of these things.

I’m here, right now.

Life cannot get any better than this.


2 Responses to “Evening Meditation”

  1. Baby Z Says:

    I’ve tried meditation, but it doesn’t work well for me. I always get distracted. I think I might have ADD or something.

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