There’s a Gecko Living in my Fridge

March 21, 2009

The bugger can snuggle into the deep freezer somehow. Think he’s having a go at the ice, cause the meat’s packed in polyethene.

The bugger also has a habit of eating the bananas on top of the fridge.

I don’t mind though. It’s just me, him and the cockroach in my apartment. And we kind of respect each others space.


9 Responses to “There’s a Gecko Living in my Fridge”

  1. Dee Says:


  2. I like roaches… I like the squishing sound they make when I stomp on them 😀

  3. TheWhackster Says:

    very decent of you seeing as they probably dont pay any rent. a professional exterminator told me once though, that if you see one cockaroach, there are probably about a hundred of them hiding around, unseen.

  4. Dee Says:

    uuuuuuuuugh!!! again.

  5. metheblogger Says:

    Mind you, I did try to stir up a conversation about sharing the rent. But the two refused to even speak a word to me when the issue of money came up..

  6. gutterflower Says:


  7. Baby Z Says:

    LOL!! Must be his idea of a nice place with central AC.

  8. Marisa Says:

    LOL. Oh God that’s hilarious.

    But could you ask your flatmate the gecko to stop giving me nightmares? Seriously the only nightmares I ever have are about geckos and everything and everyone around me changing into geckos of all sizes and all of them in this white colour.

    I used to have mice and cockroaches. The mice were not residential tenants though – they used my flat for the Mouse-Olympics. They were very good at doing the Couch High Jump and the Dash Across The Floor Obstacle Course.

    The cockroaches seemed to think my place was a restaurant – kept demanding better service. Eventually I lost their business though they occasionally come back and check the place out of nostalgia.

    Now I have a cat. Far as she is concerned, she is allowing my partner and I to live here rather than the other way around. As I speak she is sleeping on top of his laptop – it’s her favourite warm spot and she will not be persuaded otherwise.

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