Too much Testosterone?

April 1, 2009

She’s been watching me watching her. Our eyes meet, and she instantly looks down, with a I’m-sorry-to-have-flirted-with-you type of grin on her face.

I lock my computer and move to her table with my cup of tea.

“Good morning.”

She lightens up and acknowledges. I let out a breath of relief. Usually encounters like these end up with a humph, snort and a i-don’t-want-to-get-raped-by-you sort of look.

Our conversation jumps from excellent wifi speeds to stray dogs and then to the hazards of long-term relationships.

“How old are you by the way,” she slips in the question. “Thirty?”

“No. Do I look thirty?” I ask heartily, but she shrugs and becomes silent.

“In my mid twenties.” She obviously needed an answer.

“Are you Married?”

“No. Do you see a ring on my finger?” I fired back.

We were both silent for awhile. Thank god the cup of tea was not empty.

“Oya hari wasai neda?” [Translation: You get angry easily?]

I was a little pushed, but I wasn’t angry.

I wanted to end the conversation on a lighter note, so I complimented her on her long earrings and made an excuse to leave.

On my way down, I kept wondering if what she said was true? Do I come off as imposing? I do speak very little. And maybe I don’t show my emotions as well as I should. Perhaps it’s the testosterone.


One Response to “Too much Testosterone?”

  1. Baby Z Says:

    Why were you so quick to get away from her? Was your brief encounter with the female species that awkward?

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