Conditional Love

April 6, 2009

Java’s post got me thinking.

The world aspires the notion of unconditional love, which I think is due to some sort of hippie spiritual awakening that happened in the late 90s. But it was just a fad and no one really understood it. In real life, we are much more interested in practicing conditional love.

Marriage (a social construct upheld by law) is of course the epi-centre of conditional love. Prostitution is it’s mirror image. Whether you like it or not, conditional sex and conditional love are more or less the different sides of the same coin. It’s a bargain or an agreement between two people. Sometimes it’s three or more, but it’s still the same.

Love belongs to the present moment. Whenever you cling on to the notion of a past life or consumed by the fear of the future, love becomes unreal. It’s simply not love anymore.

No wonder there’s so much jealousy, hatred, anxiety, and fear in the world. We don’t love each other, we love the notion of a future filled with love.


6 Responses to “Conditional Love”

  1. javajones Says:

    Ever read Krishnamurthi?

  2. Dee Says:

    hmm points to ponder…

  3. metheblogger Says:

    No java, can’t say that I have. But I’ve just started reading, and some of his work on reality, thought, self-realization and fear are quite profound.

  4. javajones Says:

    Looks to me like you would be able to relate. I find him to be ‘right on’!


  5. MiddleChild Says:

    “We don’t love each other, we love the notion of a future filled with love” u r right. that’s the bummer.

  6. Baby Z Says:

    My husband and I love each other unconditionally, and I think most parents love their kids unconditionally.

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