Loosing it… (while Blogging)

April 8, 2009

We anonymous wayward bloggers have the ability to change our alter-egos whenever we wish. As long as we don’t give a fuck about comments and readership, there is no real incentive to build up a ‘character’, like in real life. We can be ourselves, we can write about what we really feel, at any given moment and get away with it.

In this blog, I’ve been many things. A jerk, a saint, an epicurian, an alcoholic, a pessimist, an optimist, a boy with an innocent heart, a guy with a big dick, a man with humility, an iconoclast to sinhala-buddhism, an avid activist against marriage, a seeker of true love, and many more…

This is because I can let go of my ego. And build another one in the very next instant.

The same cannot be said for bloggers who choose to reveal their real-world identity. Or for bloggers who choose to create a fixed blogging identity. They are forever prisoners of a sole ego. And when something goes wrong, they try vehemntly to defend themselves. And the bigger they are, the harder they fall.

Nibras Bawa fell spectacularly yesterday. I bet it hurt. A lot.

The only blogger that I’ve seen capable of blogging without anonymity is Indi. Remember once, some guy made a filty comment on his blog using the name “Indi”, but the real Indi never took it down. Sittingnut’s threats and accusations may have stirred him a little but he never moderated those comments.

The rest of the blogsphere still has a lot to learn.


5 Responses to “Loosing it… (while Blogging)”

  1. Dee Says:

    hm…interesting points!

  2. indi Says:

    I moderate Sitting Nut’s comments now, it was killing the discussion on random threads. I do moderate a few trolls just cause it kills conversation.

    But yeah, Nibras Bawa kinda lost it in public. Bit embarassing.

  3. Baby Z Says:

    Not me, I don’t have anonymity, but I still say whatever I want. How? Easy, only my husband and a few friends know I have a blog. I don’t care who reads it, because I know it won’t be my parents or anyone else in my family. That’s why I chose such an obscure site for my blog. I don’t moderate my comments either.

  4. Ahamed Nizar Says:

    i blog under my real name and i’ve had my share of threats.
    though i know technology enough to find out who’s fingers tap the keyboard of each blog.

  5. Why be against marriage, it’s natural, isn’t it?

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