The Girl with Specs

May 1, 2009

So I drive along the pitakotte junction minding my own business and there’s this huge traffic jam. We’re all perfectly still; me the other cars, and the big private bus which has blocked the road.

The universe has its own way of amusement, and so a young woman brimming with youth and overflowing with sexual confidence walks across the suspended street. She’s wearing a simple white top, a blue denim, and one of those neardy glasses so characteristic with the naughtyamerica videos that feature my-first-sex-teacher, that I feel the tension in several parts of my body.

Her poise is backed with a rhythm that gets stronger with every pair of eyes that gets lost in those tightly held breasts. She smiles at me and holds a gaze which is a rare sight with Sri Lankan women.

She was aware of the three wide-eyed schoolboys on the footboard of the bus that were unable to stop staring at her. She looks at them and smiles. The boys obviously surprised and taken aback by the boldness of the woman, try to look away.

She looks at me, nods and dissapears in to the traffic.


14 Responses to “The Girl with Specs”

  1. WOW WOW – a moment!

  2. Jack Point Says:

    yes, wow.

    Love women in glasses.

  3. Sachintha Says:

    WOW, she’s got ‘balls’!

    By the way, I have a friend who claims that women wearing specs are sexier than the ones who doesn’t. He insists that his future wife be wearing them!

  4. jdgoal Says:

    Yeah those nerdy glasses are really sexy women!! Love it when my GF wears them!!

  5. Sabby Says:

    *looks at her glasses*
    *wonders why she always thought it made her look like the book worm in the cartoon*


  6. …and then what happened?

  7. Disease Says:

    Good one 😛

  8. delilahsays Says:

    wow. nice.

  9. Baby Z Says:

    LOL!! Kinda sounds like me minus the glasses.

  10. David Blacker Says:

    Had this girlfriend once who occasionally wore specs, and I think I began to fall in love with her the first time I saw her in them.

  11. rannelee Says:

    strange but true about that girls wearing specs.. LOL

  12. AB Says:

    oh dear, my cousin akki wears that same kinda glasses… *gasp!*

  13. N Says:

    There’s this on and off girl who is pretty hot…but the first time I saw her wear those black glasses…I considered staying back in SL…

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