This is a Buddhist Country, oi!

June 9, 2009

Warning: This post contains graphic violence and hate. I assure you, there will be blood.

I wait in line patiently at the gas station for my turn, and all of a sudden this orange buggy car comes from the other side and grabs my place. The retarded pump boy doesn’t give a shit and tries to pump petrol.

I screech my horn showing my rage and when the car doesn’t seem to budge, I jump off and walk towards the buggy. I was ready for a fight. I saw three men/boys from where I was standing and I reminded myself that I’ve fought a larger crowd.

But when I come near the car, I see a robe. A monk happens to be there so my initial rage is subdued to some extent. But the anger in my voice clearly showing I yell out that I was here first.

“Ithin thamuse mokkada karrana kiyaane,” the monk growls back. So what do you want us to do?

“Car eka passata ganna,” I scream back. Take the car back.

“Meka bouddha ratak oi!” The monk growls. This is a Buddhist Country oi!

Great, the fucker played the sinhala-buddhist card.

By now a couple of three wheeler guys were watching this. And I knew the truth behind what the monk said. If I wanted a fight, I’d had to fight not only the spineless bastards in the buggy, but also the rest of the crowd who was watching. My unoccupied car was also at risk.

So I backed down, and went in search of another gas station. But my mind was not still. My heart was racing. My blood pressure must’ve sky rocketed. I was not only angry at the stupid monk. I was angry at myself.

I was angry at living in a country like this where individual liberty is compromised for the sake of the pleasure of the majority. I was angry at not ridiculing the banal sinhala-buddhists more often and their lame pathetic excuse for a livelihood. I was angry at letting myself be educated in a sinhala-fucking-buddhist school, and never questioning their absurdities. I was angry of the fact that my father and mother were born buddhists and they didn’t have the guts to do anything about the senseless extremism that they put up with everyday.

I went home, and took out my sandbag. And I let all hell loose. With every roundhouse kick I crushed the monk’s skull in my head. With every punch I broke his rib cage over and over again. With every back-roundhouse kick I dislocated his fucking jaw and disfigured his bloody face. With every elbow, I broke his ear drum and with every kneekick I slammed his groin up his arse.

I killed him in my head. With my bare hands. Not once, not twice but thousands of times over. Everytime using a technique bloodier and gruesome than the last.

The blood ozzing through my knuckles, I sat there for a while and I waited for my mind to clear.

And suddenely I felt free.

I understood that if my brain and body was in the same pathetic circumstances of the above stupid monk, I would’ve done the same. I realized that my rage was directed at myself in another life. And rather than becoming a part of the solution, I was becoming a part of the problem.

I have what it takes to breakaway. Not only from this hell-hole of a country, but also from my own anger. Not only do I have the power and independence to escape the bounds of my race and religion but I also have the intelligence to destroy the memes that try to take control of my mind.

I felt Joy. Compassion. And oneness with nature.


18 Responses to “This is a Buddhist Country, oi!”

  1. Arkitektonic Says:

    I hear you man, …never had I encountered a monk though ..!

  2. Yeah, but I’ve seen Buddhist monks get the crap beaten out of them by Christian and Muslim soldiers while the Buddhist soldiers cheered and laughed, so it’s all relative. 🙂

    • metheblogger Says:

      You’re talking about men with guns right? The whole system of values (morality, ethics and other bullshit) breakdown when you have live ammunition in your hands. You probably know this better than me.

      But here, I’m talking about a civilian conflict. One that’s supposed to be civil. 🙂

  3. Arrrgh!!@ I got sooo angry reading this!! How dare he?? Way to go with the imaginary “monk beat up”….!!

  4. Archangel Says:

    You need to chill out. No one deserves to be beaten up for jumping the queue. That’s absurd. And the whole Sinhala-Buddhist card is a manifestation of the arrogance of the individual and nothing to do with race or religion. Don’t profile individuals so recklessly.

    I partially agree with Blacker. It’s relative. The real problem is that we don’t respect other people in general and no one has taught us patience or propriety. No one knows how to stand in a queue. I become incredibly irate when a smug foreigner passes a snide remark when standing in a typical Sri Lankan queue. What enrages me most is that he/she is right. We just don’t know our manners.

    I understand how annoying this could be for you, but violence will not solve anything.


    • metheblogger Says:

      @chillout – I did get there eventually.

      @profiling – do you think that this is an isolated incident? That sinhala-buddhist monks in general don’t think that they own the country?

      • Archangel Says:

        I’ve met plenty of monks that don’t behave like this. This is a manifestation of our habits as Sri Lankans. Jumping queues is just too common an occurrence to put it down to Sinhala-Buddhist supremacy.


      • Me Says:

        I didn’t say all monks jump queues. I said that all monks think that they own the country.

        Though it did shake me a little, jumping the queue wasn’t really what got my going. As you say, it is a very common phenomenon here.

        It was when he justified it with the sinhala-buddhist card. That left me no where to go, and left me no chance of fighting against the injustice that he’d done to me.

  5. Dee Says:

    oh. 😦 bad scene…. how can we possibly follow the sangha when they act like this? I like how you have ended the post though.

  6. Piss Says:

    I see this sort of shitty attitude coming from bloggers as well, one prime example would be Dee, though obviously not in the same way as with the monk.

    It’s pissing off the way some people are taking this “victory”. Like they even fought the war themselves, fucktards.

    It wasn’t Buddhists that sacrificed their lives to make this possible, this isn’t a Buddhist country.

    This is a country of Sri Lankans, a unitary state in which Sinhala and Tamil are official languages, and where Buddhism will be protected and fostered.

    The above is what is said in the constitution, and much of it is bullshit and clearly doesn’t reflect, but it is how it should be and hopefully it will be. Some fucking day.

  7. Baby Z Says:

    I would be pissed too dude.

  8. enyana Says:

    you should have just followed the car and later thrown a rock at the wind screen .. hope imaginary killing worked for u though!

  9. enyana Says:

    well i guess that a good alternative in the given limited circumstance! Somehow i prefer blood shed ..but i guess thats not an option to some people like ..

  10. Marisa Says:

    I have to agree with “Piss”.

    I also see your point that it wasn’t so much the fact that he actually jumped the queue but that he chose to justify it with the “sinhala-buddhist” statement. That does not logically compute for one thing, and it gives a bad impression of the religion/race issue and of his fellow monks who may or may not act like he does.

    It would be the same if any person associated with any other religion did the same and justified it the same way. It would make all those who shared their religious beliefs look bad regardless of whether they would perform the same action or not.

    I think what’s symptomatic of Sri Lankans is in general terms: a) a lack of respect for each other based on simply the fact that the other person is actually a person equal to ourselves b) too much focus on attention on social status and how that is decided and c) a sense of apathy (the idea that it is someone else’s problem to fix until of course it gets fixed and then we are so happy as if we did it ourselves).

    I hope that made sense.

    Thanks for the gaming comment on my blog. I have decided to post a huge gaming review of all the games I have played so far but I am trying to figure out how to organise it so it isn’t mega huge but tells you what you need to know.

    Cheers, Marisa.

  11. VeroJ Says:

    OK so now I have to face the reality that you are not a Burgher…but you sound like one.

  12. Latino Sinhalese Says:

    Im a sinhalese and buddhist but we follow some other kind of buddhism … so my familly and monks we dont go to well lol.

    Monks in sri lanka are like the worst ( they are worse in other countries but cant name them cuz cant remember them )

    They have the latest phones , go to gyms ( seriously ! ) , eat at KFC ( major lolz ) , throw stones at dogs ( that pisses me off , love dogs and animals ) , make out with girls ( no shit ! dead serious ) , try to run the government through violence , etc

    there are some that are very nice though and very simple and very honnest monks , but they are rare.

    thank god i can say im not SRI LANKAN , cuz seriously the country = Pearl , beautiful , People = 99% rude jealous and selfish = shame

    sad sad sad.

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