Why are you so rude?

I’m not rude. The combination of the fact that I prefer to voice my opinion out aloud and tend to think about my survival before anything else, does not make me rude. It makes me a healthy individual. I’m quite pleasant in real life. Really. The kind of your-friendly-neighbourhood-serial-killer type of pleasant.

What’s your religion? Are you Sinhala?

These are two different questions altogether. I have no idea why these two questions are asked simultaneously. Yes I was born to two healthy Sinhala parents. And my religion by birth (not by choice) is Buddhism. I like to consider myself as a follower of romanticism+post-modernism but mostly I’m a evil rationalist with a edge towards post-structuralism.

Why do you hate patriots?

Because they deceive. Because their lack of self-worth is the cause of most of the problems in the country. Because they’re downright scoundrals who indulge in the safety net of pack mentality.

What’s your Political Party?

Never believed in politics. Never will. Don’t believe in governance and regulation either. The only thing I believe in is de-centralization of everything.

Are you insane?

Yes. Most of the time. But even though I have enough self-consciousness to admit this now, I’m usually blinded by the spur of the moment, and tend to think that I know everything.

Do you have a girl friend?


Are you looking for one?


Are you gay?

Not yet.

Do you believe in ‘love’?

As a verb, yes.

What do you do for a living?

Unemployed. I read and write here and there. Which earns me more than enough to feed myself.

Why do you blog?

It’s one of the non-violent ways of expression and self-assertion.

You’re a disgrace to our 2500 year old culture. Do you know that?


(Any more questions? Mail me at metheblogger@gmail.com. Or just leave a comment below.)


3 Responses to “General Faq”

  1. Kat Says:

    “And my religion by birth (not by choice) is Buddhism”

    Religion is a system of beliefs and cannot be passed to offspring genetically. You may have been raised by Buddhist parents but at some point you made a choice to be what you are.

    Many Sri Lankans claim to be “born” a Buddhist or Catholic etc – that’s an incorrect statement. Babies have no knowledge of religion whatsoever. They are raised by humans (hopefully) who instill whatever system of beliefs they follow and later on the child makes a choice to believe or disbelieve what they are taught.

  2. metheblogger Says:

    My belief system is clearly stated in the next sentence of that para.

  3. Baby Z Says:

    I love reading your blogs! You and I are so alike it almost feels like I’m reading my own blog. You can check out my blog if you want (www.babyz.sulekha.com), but I should warn you some of the contents are pretty explicit.

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