Dancing with Death

April 12, 2008

Dancing with death is not so much of a new thing to us in the subcontinent, but most of us do it unconsciously, or rather with implicit consciousness.

When we can quite easily live a luxurious life in some far away developed country, we choose on the contrary to take our chances in the war-ridden, corrupted and utterly-useless country that we call home. How the power of human conscience suppresses the innate survival instinct is kind of hard to explain.

But anyhoo, the wonderful thing about being born in the Internet age, is that where-ever you live, you can listen to wonderful podcasts such as Podcastle.

I’m already a big fan of the sciencefiction podcast escapepod. And when they announced the birth of their new cousin fantasy podcast “Podcastle”, I was quite literally off my feet. Their first episode “Come Lady Death” was exceptionally good. Didn’t have any white unicorns, stars falling from the sky or great elven philosophers singing about a mystical past, but it was subtle and imaginative.

Yay for podcastle! It’s pods & poems like these that makes dancing with death all the more worthwhile.



March 28, 2008

…..was awesome.


It’s a childish and enchanting story. Enchanting enough to wake the romantic child in me who fell in love with it every second of the way.

I think I’m still falling. Wishing upon a star, to come down to Earth, so that we can rule the world. And more importantly, to ditch an arrogant little Earth Bitch and telling her to get over herself. That’s priceless too.

It’s a truly magical film that made me 10 years younger. Perhaps even younger.